As summer draws to a close, I reflect on how different plants age.
Some turn scruffy and straggly, and succumb to mould as they pass their greening time. They look rather sad. This is how the tomatoes and courgettes are: utterly spent.
Then there is the beauty of the full pod, like the one on this flax plant, which is ripening hundreds of little black seeds that will fall like gleaming rain on the ground beneath in late autumn.

Other plants gather their energies into a final flare, like the karamu berries that were golden yellow a couple of weeks ago and now have turned bright red; or the russet of bracken; and the flame-like fronds of the kiokio ferns that fringe the shady bush paths.

I reflect also on the many ways that people have of ageing, and give thanks for those full pods that have showered their loving wisdom over me when I was much younger and thought that every season would last forever.