Summer Attunement

Summer Attunement


After the expansiveness of a summer holiday, do you find it difficult to return home and into your old routines? Perhaps you start grumbling and dragging your heels, not wanting to get back to work and the tasks of everyday life.

For a while you resist, but eventually you give in. You leave behind the easy rhythms and openness of summer and carry on as before, resigned to thinking that this is just the way life works.

But no.

Times of heart opening are meant to be integrated.


They are given so that you can return to your life bigger than you were before. They are part of a growth process.


What is in the Summer Attunement package?

The Summer Attunement consists of a recorded home ritual and reflective process that will last for about forty-five minutes. It will take you into a depth of connection that will release your own inner wisdom.


No special skill or experience is necessary; just your willingness to be present. To support you I have put together a PDF containing the following:

  1. Preparation for the Attunement
  2. Creating an altar, an excerpt from my book A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life.
  3. A summer story, an excerpt from my book Dancing with the Seasons: inspiration and resilience through times of change. 


The Summer Attunement will help you to find

  • The gift of your summer in a form that you can access in the weeks to come
  • Release from the clogged energy of resentment and resignation
  • Depth of connection with your own self
  • Alignment with the seasonal flow
  • Integration and a return to wholeness
  • Spiritual wisdom to guide you in your growth


We praise abundance by eating of it.

—Marge Piercy

You will enter the Attunement the moment you sign up and receive the PDF. This gives you a preparation process that you can begin immediately, in the quiet of your own home. In the recording itself you will be guided deeper into the process of ripening and assimilation. After you have listened to the recording you can follow some simple steps in order to ground any action steps that emerge. 


When is the best time to do the Summer Attunement?

The Summer Attunement is best done in late summer, or any time when you know that your summer holiday time is complete.

In the southern hemisphere, late summer falls through February to mid March. In the northern hemisphere, late summer falls through August to mid September.


What others have said about the Summer Attunement

‘The process you created was beautiful, and took me much deeper than I expected.  I now have a lasting kinesthetic sense of what I need to carry forward from my Summer.’

—Amy Cowling


‘The visualisation, writing and drawing aspect was lovely and worked so well for me.  It was so precious to connect once again with a practice that I had let go a long time ago.’

—Jill Horobin


I enjoyed the “clearing” with the buzzing sound and found this very effective. Then later deepening into the experience and finding an image to represent it. This has been something I keep coming back to.’

—Catherine Gilberd


Registration is $55 (That’s around U.S. $38). You may pay using your credit card or Paypal account by clicking the button below.  First, please read the message in red below. It tells you what will happen next.

 Important note: Once you have made payment please click the link that says “Return to Juliet Batten”. This will take you to the sign-up page. Make sure you complete the form on this page and click SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page so that you will be sent the links to the audio recording and PDF. Thank you!


Please share this so that others can benefit

Some more comments about the Seasonal Attunements

  • Powerful, and most inspiring.
  • Intimate, present, and a very special experience for me.
  •  I was amazed at the depth of the connection and felt quite different afterwards, very relaxed, centred, and nourished.
  • I felt held, and cradled in the meditation.
  • I loved the way you wove together all the different aspects (listening, intention writing, drawing, meditation) – each one flowing beautifully into the next, with plenty of time to feel it and stay fully present.