On my walk, I turned down a little no-exit street. The weather was windy and threatening rain; typical spring fickleness, I told myself. But to my surprise, there on the pavement I discovered three little gardens, soft, fresh and pretty. Creamy polyanthus rose in a frothy fringe, with smaller purple ones on the inside, and pink dianthus that had just finished flowering. Out of the centre of each grew a young titoki tree, with bright feathery leaves.
‘So you like the planting?’ A man’s voice jumped out of nowhere. It was the gardener. The owners of the house, he said, wanted to brighten up the street for others to enjoy. So they asked him to create the gardens. He was thrilled that I’d stopped to admire. ‘They’ll be on my blog’, I said. ‘Tell the owners, and say thank you.’ I walked on, glad to know that spring can be not only fickle, but also kind.