Storm treasures

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Playing at the edge of the sea yesterday, late afternoon, after the storm. Golden kelp and green weed are carried up in the waves. Fishers stand on the wharf, angling for a catch.

My catch is beach treasure. I make a nest, or maybe a basket for it, and then a mask. Neptune maybe? Or Tangaroa, the Maori god of the sea? Whoever he is, he’s not smiling after a grey weekend of destruction.


  1. Joan

    Ah yes.. after the storm. As children we loved the beach rambles after a storm. The special prize was to find storm shells..tiny purple shells and tiny coloured scallop shells with a larger wing on one side.

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    Such a lovely nest or basket, Juliet. There are always such wonders to find on a beach, but, you have the most serene and delightful way of making them extra special.

  3. juliet

    Thank you Joan and Penny. Yes, I remember those tiny purple shells well – but I’ve only ever found them on the west coast.

  4. BWS

    Juliet, I received the Betty Lockwood book of poems and her poem 85 is exactly as it appears on the blog. She was born in 1913 in Indiana. The book published in 2001. I suspect she is no longer with us. Barbara

  5. Anne Dean Ruffell

    Your pictures really stir up memories of childhood when Terry and I used to spend hours on the beach at Waiheke. After one storm I picked up an exquisite spiky shell which I had never seen before and still have to remind me of those magical times. I also have a big collection of those small shells with brown jagged patterns which always reminded me of Maori flax skirts.


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