Have you ever discovered something beautiful right under your nose?
The big palm trees at the apartment block where I live are flowering. I don’t recall them doing this last year, but then again, they are in a corner of the garden where I don’t usually venture.
My neighbour said, ‘Have you seen the yellow flowers?’
I pass them each day as I walk down the stairwell. My eyes however, are focussed on the stairs as they turn to the left, and I had failed to look right. Had I done so, this is what I would have seen.
What glorious, fulsome bunches they are.
They begin feathery, and then fill out, like ripe fruit. 
From now on, I’ll be watching, fascinated to see what colour berries they produce, and how their cycle unfolds.
 It’s good to keep an eye on the steps, especially after having a fall. It’s also good to remember to stop and look out, through the glass panels of the stairwell, and into the hidden garden; and to walk around to the other side sometimes, and feast on views like this one. How could I have missed such magic!