‘There’s a storm on its way, as big as Australia!’ said my neighbour as I hurried down the driveway yesterday, just beating the rain. Sure enough, it struck just at dusk, lifting the table from my balcony and hurling it to the other end in two parts, along with a couple of chairs. I thought of how disruptive spring can be. This week delivered both pleasant surprises and not-so-pleasant shocks. A situation that seemed all in place, suddenly switched direction, just like the westerly wind that abruptly shifted to the north and rattled the ranch sliders

How do we stay steady at such times? Boaties check their anchors before a storm. I breathe, slow down, sit in meditation, and remember what gives me anchorage: the love of friends and family, routines, spiritual wisdom, nourishing books and slow-simmering food. I remember to trust that when something is swept away, it makes space for a different order and fresh offerings.