Spring playfulness

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 Yes, I know that spring has just officially ended. But I’ve been busy, as you know, with book production. And I must show you what I’ve been collecting over the last few weeks. First of all, leaves peeping cheekily out through a fence.

 Then there was Italian Day in Freemans Bay. The children loved playing around inside these giant bubbles. Some clever person worked out how to get them inside and then inflate the bubble all around them. They had a wonderful time, somersaulting and tumbling around.

 Some children from a local school gave a performance of folk dancing.

 Italy’s colours of green, red and white looked fresh and clear. This little girl was a natural, really enjoying herself.

 And finally, as I was walking home one windy day, a balloon bounced across the road and down the footpath in front of me. Remember that movie, The Red Balloon’? Well I felt like the little boy following the balloon, only mine was yellow. It then bounced down a long drive way

 and I followed . . .

until it finally eluded me. I hope the family living in this house had a nice surprise when a yellow balloon bounced up their front steps.
And I hope that you too have some nice surprises bouncing their way towards you.


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