What a sparkly spring day it was on Sunday. Saturday I spent clearing storm debris at the bach, and dealing with a dangling power line. It took all day, just as I was leaving, for the Power Company to turn up and tell me they were ready to ‘liven’ me!

Well, it worked. Sunday was totally ‘livened’. As I walked along the waterfront I saw the kayakers’ ‘committee meeting’ on the water, fishers hauling up their catches, yachts scudding along in the fresh breeze, people out walking and cycling, many smiles, and white-faced bungy jumpers preparing to make a daring leap.
How quickly we come out of hiding and spring back to life when the sun smiles after so much grey weather. And how I enjoy being out there with others who are enjoying themselves in the fresh air; it’s so easy to have conversations with strangers, and to feel at peace with everyone.