Spring fairy

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It was Guy Fawkes, and while crackers resounded through the neighbourhood, the little one’s parents were in Wellington, celebrating their wedding anniversary. I was in charge, sleeping over for the first time.

It seemed like a nice thing to do, once the dishes were clean, to mop the floor. The little spring fairy insisted on doing her part.

What a zealous little housekeeper! She was unstoppable.

And once the floor was done, she took a sponge and wiped every surface in sight.

Not missing the corners or the awkward places, but covering every patch of floor and wall.
After a shower and a story, I tucked her up in bed and, with a kiss goodnight, she drifted off to sleep. The crackers continued to bang and pop all around, but the spring fairy was happily lost in the land of dreams.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    I wonder if this darling spring fairy would flitter over here and help me with some cleaning, too.

    What a darling girl and sweet post, Juliet – and a reminder that I should get off-line and do some cleaning up myself.

  2. Marilyn

    Such a beautiful and hardworking spring fairy, how wonderful for you to have this precious time with her Juliet.

  3. juliet

    Thank you Penny and Marilyn. Your little grandchildren will be getting to that age before too long. Mira has her own little pink dustpan and brush as well. I was amazed at what a good job she did.

  4. realruth

    Lovely photos and story. We could all do with a spring fairy.

  5. Joan

    This is so beautiful Juliet. Precious moments! Such magic!

  6. juliet

    Thank you, Ruth and Joan. Yes, it was a magical time indeed, Joan. Ruth, may Christchurch be visited by spring fairies in many forms.

  7. Anne Dean Ruffell

    She is so adorable, Juliet. Her concentration must have been wonderful to see. I love watching her growing up.

  8. juliet

    Thank you Anne, and nice to have you visit. Yes, she has great concentration as you can see from the photos, and she kept on and on with the cleaning until it was all done.

  9. Marja

    Your photos and words are like a fairytale Just gorgeous. You must have had a marvelous time with this fairy

  10. juliet

    Thanks Marja, I certainly did. It was a magical time.

  11. Lynley

    I love her beautiful clothes…..children are so special at this age.

  12. growMama

    Beautiful…a cleaning fairy! I need one of those to chase after my building fairy…thanks for sharing your landmark sleepover with us…she is one lucky fairy!

  13. juliet

    Thanks Anissa – landmark sleepover, that’s it exactly. Maybe she can fly, and drop in on all those who say they need a cleaning fairy!


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