Spring Equinox

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Today is Spring Equinox and full moon: an unusual conjunction, which brings our Southern Hemisphere Easter and Spring Equinox together on the same day. Last night I gathered my group for a ritual of balance, to find grounding and stillness in this wild spring We contemplated what needs rebalancing in our lives, and meditated to Yo Yo Ma playing Bach: music that brought our connection deep into the earth, like roots going down to strong holding. This is what we need when spring plays havoc with our sense of stability. The ritual was nourishing and energising. Together we created sanctuary.

The Japanese bowl above was placed in the centre to suggest potential and promise: growth to come. In the centre of the bowl sits a tiny ‘chicken’ from a hen-and-chickens fern.

The stillness of water and our power to contemplate, to enter the well of silence

The Altar: spaciousness and beauty in a season that is ragged and strewn with debris. Symbols for Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Rebalancing.

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  1. Joan

    I love this idea of Spring Equinox ritual. I have bookclub at my house tonight.. I think I will have a little ritual for Spring Equinox too. I’m off to think about it! Than you for sharing this Juliet. It is so lovely.


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