Spring Equinox colour for you

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 Today is spring equinox. Fragrant flowers are blooming everywhere and after a big electrical storm, the air is clear and warm.
To celebrate, I made you a flower circle. I used to make these on the lawn when I was a child. If I’d lost a tooth, I’d hide it in the middle under a flower. In the morning I would run back to the flower circle to see if the tooth fairy had left me a sixpence.
Today, I’m glad to say, I don’t have a lost tooth.

And I gathered you a spring bouquet. The small pale blue flowers are called Nigella, or Love-in-a-Mist. Isn’t that a poetic name? Love has come out of the mist today, and is ready to dance and play.

Here is your last gift. The little one made you a fish.

Happy equinox, wherever you are. To you in the north at autumn equinox, thank you for sending the warmth our way. To you in the south, enjoy the season of growth!

The inundation of the Spring
Submerges every soul
—Emily Dickinson


  1. Anne Ruffell

    How joyful! Happy equinox to you too and may the days be full of sunshine. I love the rainbow fish!

  2. juliet

    thank you Anne. I love the rainbow fish too. We have another big storm coming tonight and tomorrow, so the fine day was just a tease!

  3. Max

    how gorgeous! love that new growth green there under your flowers. i remember someone telling me before i came to nz to use fuji film because it captured a wider range of greens, it’s hard to count just how many different shades there are this time of year, love it x

  4. Penny O'Neill

    Oh, I love these floral gifts, and especially the flower circle. What a wonderful way to celebrate the equinox, Juliet. Here, children put their tooth under a pillow or, these days, in little holder, for the tooth fairy to come. A lovely tradition is yours.

  5. juliet

    * Max, I put the flower circle on top of a little green hedge, that is growing thick and fast. You are so right about the greens.

    * Penny, so glad you enjoyed the flower circle. I think it might have been my own invention, encouraged by my lovely aunt, when I was a child. Other children did the pillow but I was a child of nature!

  6. Lynley

    I need your bright colours here Juliet with the skies so bleak and grey. The Buxus hedge is a wonderful “canvas”.

    More bad weather due here overnight and tomorrow.
    I hope you keep warm and dry. Spring is being very volatile at the moment.

  7. juliet

    Lynley, the storm has struck Auckland now. How changeable it all is. I hope you are snug too.

  8. cecilia buyswheeler gunther

    I loved your flower circles, your garden must be bursting forth with colour.. and now i am off to find my beach! love love c

  9. juliet

    Celi, there is colour everywhere now, but another storm has come so everything is whirling in the air. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Hotly Spiced

    I do feel a bit sorry for the tooth fairy trying to find your tooth amongst all the flowers! I was a bit easier on the tooth fairy as I left mine in an egg cup beside my bed. I used to get 20c! xx

  11. juliet

    Charlie, I used to put just one flower in the centre, to make it easy for the tooth fairy! How kind of you to use an egg cup; that must have been nice and easy, and you were well rewarded.

  12. Marja

    Oh the circle and the bouquet are gorgeous You are so creative, Juliet
    So is the little one Such a colourful fish. Spring is a great time and on Sunday we already start daylight saving. Yeh

  13. juliet

    Marja, so glad you enjoy the creativity. I hadn’t realised daylight saving was coming so soon. Hurray! Thanks for visiting.

  14. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – love the take on spring springing .. and what a great way of ‘saving’ a tooth for the tooth fairy ..

    Quite delightful and I love the little one’s fish ..

    Enjoy spring springing .. Hilary

  15. juliet

    Hilary, glad you enjoyed the springing spring, the fish and the tooth fairy story. Nice to see you here; thanks.

  16. Friko

    Ah, to be on the other side of the world today and join in your delightful endeavours.

  17. Ruth P

    This is a beautiful gift Juliet. You are very generous. I hope the depth and spirit of the colours in your flower circle also lifted your own heart and energies. Down here in Central Otago we are ‘all-a-blossom’ with the fruit trees be decked and Alexandra getting ready for Blossom Festival this weekend.
    Happy equinox!

  18. juliet

    * Friko, glad you can join in through the blog!

    * Ruth, yes I got a real lift myself from making the flower circle. Your blossoms must be so beautiful. Have a wonderful Blossom Festival.

    Thank you Friko and Ruth, I appreciate your comments.

  19. juliet

    Vicki, yes there is a lot of colour around at the moment. Thank you.


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