Spring combat

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Spring sets the birds a-fighting.

I hear the urgent flutter of wings, and there they are, up in the air, flying furiously at each other.

I would have thought that there was plenty of territory and plenty of food, but these young blackbirds would not agree. You can see which one ‘won’; it’s standing there very firmly while the other one stalks off. (Tonight the All Blacks play France in the final of the rugby world cup. Maybe the birds are catching the mood?)

Or are they a young male and female, and he is the spurned would-be mate? Whatever the story, spring is not just blossoms and beauty, it’s also about winning, wildness, and wantonness.


  1. Lynley

    I’ve been watching blackbird skirmishs too Juliet. And today I heard the chirruping of a blackbird fledging.
    There have been plenty of Tui skirmishs around too. The air can be whirring with action at times at the moment.

    Let’s hope the All Blacks win tonight – NZ could do with something fun to celebrate and be proud of.

  2. Hilary

    Hi Juliet .. our blackbirds had a 2nd go this year .. and they’re darting around like mad now .. presaging a cold winter?! Love the pics .. and the All Blacks France game was close .. I might watch the highlights when I visit my mother this pm .. occasionally she likes to watch some sport/tv – rare! Cheers Hilary

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    Yet another sign of spring, Juliet. Most of our birds have now migrated elsewhere, but, we still have the sparrows, woodpeckers, hawks and such.

  4. juliet

    Thanks Lynley, Hilary and Penny. The All Blacks beat France last night and so we won the Rugby World Cup, and it was certainly close and tense. Have fun watching with your mother Hilary. Sounds as if the blackbirds are pretty full-on in other places too. Penny, it must seem quiet now that your birds have mostly migrated.

  5. Lynley

    I meant to add a “well done” on photographing the birds – they are fast moving targets!

  6. juliet

    Thanks Lynley, I certainly had to be quick!

  7. katiescamerablog

    I really love these photos, and your last words, “spring is not just blossoms and beauty, it’s also about winning, wildness, and wantonness.” So very true. Love seeing spring popping up on the other side of the world. 🙂


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