Do you ever have a day when the energy of the season sweeps right through you, carrying you with it?
Such a day happened earlier this week. The sky was clear, the day warm, the tide high and the air singing a song of change.

 I began to clean and to clear. Old musty corners were scoured out. The bed was moved into a new position. The bedside table was cleared of its clutter. Clothes were put away, windows cleaned, sills wiped. The whole impulse was towards cleansing and clearing. Even the flowers, wherever I looked, seemed pristine . . .

 Come on, show us your beautiful face. Thank you.

And look how these little magnolias open to the season, so eager and perky.

Clutter clearing releases a lot of energy. But you need to be sure that no-one is going to try and retrieve what you’ve thrown out.
Little Miss Bangles came to visit, and spotting the little pile of books that we had agreed (a while ago) must be passed on, lifted one out of the pile.
‘But you said you were finished with that one,’ I protested. (It was a little book of songs, that she had never made much sense of.)
To which she replied, sagely, ‘But I might like it now because big people, they’ve got different ways.’

And so she does. Now that she’s four, she is fascinated by the fact that musical notation can be ‘read’ and sung.
Renewal and growth are part of the season as well. 
May you enjoy the tides of renewal, wherever you are.