I am so lucky to have been born just as spring was gathering her skirts, ready to leap and dance. Yesterday was a great celebration of my birthday.
I want to share my spring bouquets with you: first begonias, looking as if they would burst out of their container with joy.

 then chrysanthemums, an unusual variety, but how very sunny and open

Then there were irises – oh gorgeous purple!

and sweet smelling daffodils, earlycheer and snowdrops in a neat little bouquet,

a silk scarf to waft around my neck – mmm it feels so slithery and light,

stones painted by Mira (who is 4), and red leaves, carefully selected, one by one,

oh, and the begonias wanted to say hi to you once more.

We all need that spring-like feeling of a new beginning, no matter what season we are in.
And so I’m sharing my new beginning with you, showering you with flowers, and wishing you many bright days ahead as you bring into your life all the newness, the freshness that your heart may desire.
Happy birthdays to us all!