Spring baby shower

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On Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a young woman in our community. She is now approaching full term with her pregnancy. Twelve women were there, and we each brought a blessing, written on a card or piece of paper ready to be pasted into a book.
What a time-honoured tradition, the sharing of women’s knowledge around birth and child-raising! The table was laid with a pink cloth and colourful food, in honour of this baby girl who will soon be amongst us. I passed around little ‘chickens’ from the hen and chickens ferns, so everyone could take home some tender new life to nurture. As spring declares itself more definitely, and the days are suddenly warmer, I feel tender, protective and filled with wonder at the miracle of birth.


  1. Marilyn

    What a beautiful post, I like the idea of women gathering at such a time to share, offer support and to celebrate the coming birth together.

  2. Joan

    What a lovely gift for a baby shower, the little chickens from the hen and chicken fern to grow. As each fern grows it will always remind the one who tends it of the little person whose shower it is.
    If all new mothers had such a wonderful support base of women to love and surround them, a happier world we would surely have…and spring the perfect season.


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