Spring Attunement

 Spring Attunement


Spring finally arrives, full of bird song, fragrance and greening.

But maybe you’re having trouble harnessing this energy. Perhaps you are rather jaded, and having trouble joining in with the exuberance of the season. 


If so, you are not alone.

Spring is a changeable season that is hard to keep up with. One moment you relax into a bright sunny day, and the next you have to fight chilly winds or driving rain just to walk down the street. One day you believe in summer and the next day tumble backwards into winter.

It’s a season of challenges. It is also abundant in its gifts.

How do you find mastery in spring, rather than being tossed around by its turbulence?

How do you mobilise this high energy so that it’s available to you in a positive way, to fuel your projects, dreams and intentions?


Spring is for cleansing, recharging and regeneration

The process of alignment is subtle yet powerful. I have created the Spring Attunement to help you tap into the energy of spring, and use it well.

You will find this alignment by following a preparation process and a simple home ritual that I will guide you through on an audio recording.

The deep meditative process enables you to access what is normally hidden. Your soul’s longing will be revealed and you may experience a profound shift internally. This shift will bring movement to stuck places and an infusion of fresh insight for what you need to do.

I felt a burst of joy as I lit my candle and connected into sacred space. With your guiding words, it was so easy to connect with this deeper dimension and it truly felt magical. —Amy C


It was such a gentle, yet deep process and completely safe. Under the guidance of your meditation, the message seemed to emerge clear and strong, and really not at all what I was expecting. It was perfect, and I have found a real joy in it. It’s been so helpful.—P.H.


Would you like that?

If you listen to your heart right now, what does it say?

If the answer is yes, I encourage you to register for the Spring Attunement.

Because the good news is that the depth of guidance you need is available.

You can be helped on your way, to bring newness into your life and inspiration for something you have been ‘meaning to do’ for some time.


The Spring Attunement unexpectedly answered a place in me that has been blocked for some time. It provided the breakthrough I have been longing for. Amy C.


The setting of an intention brought great focus to something that has been rather ‘fuzzy’ for me previously.—Suzanne Thurlow, apprentice writer


What is an attunement?

Attunement means ‘to bring into harmony’. We can often find ourselves ‘out of tune’ with a season, especially during the transition phases, or when we are unconsciously clinging to another time of year.

We become used to a particular season, and settle into it. When the seasons change, we can easily become disoriented. And so it’s important to recalibrate and find a new rhythm.

Each season brings its challenges and gifts. By aligning to the seasonal flow you are able to use your energies more effectively; for example you will know when you need to lie fallow, when it is time for flowering/expressing your gifts to the world, or when to harvest and store your riches.


I was able to align the impulse of spring with my own inner impulse that is emerging.—Jeni McGarry, psychotherapist


The power of ritual

Ritual is powerful in taking you through times of transition, such as seasonal shifts or the movement from dormancy into quickening. Ritual brings about great focus. It feeds the soul and uplifts the spirit. We all need this renewal, especially when the seasons change. You don’t have to do everything on your own!

Attuning with nature brings in extra support. Renewing your inner connection with the seasonal flow will connect you with the growth energies of spring.

No special skill or experience is necessary; just your willingness to be present.


The inundation of the Spring
Submerges every soul –
Emily Dickinson


As I listened to the Attunement a great warmth overcame me, and a tingling . . . a spiritual experience!—Ruth Miller


The Spring Attunement will bring you

  • Activation of your soul’s longing
  • Clarifying of your intention as you enter the seasonal flow
  • Aligning of your vital force
  • Access to the inspiration and vitality of spring
  • Renewed hope and energy
  • Creativity and inspiration


Apparently I am glowing! I had three separate people say it to me, just today! I’ve had so many amazing things happen to me since the Attunement!—Penny Geddis

Juliet’s Spring Attunement is a treasure. It is a beautiful collection of tangible actions, contemplations, note taking, meditation and creativity that stimulates and nourishes the listener.—Dr Ruth Panelli, social geographer & writer.


What is the best time to do the Spring Attunement?

The recommended time is between spring equinox and the peak greening six weeks later; a time I call ‘Flowering and Sap Rise.’ To the ancient Celts, this was the festival of Beltane.

In the southern hemisphere these dates are from Sept 22— October 31.

In the northern hemisphere the dates are from March 22—April 31


What’s in the Spring Attunement package?

The Spring Attunement consists of a recorded home ritual and reflective process that will last for about 45 minutes. You will also receive a PDF containing:

  1. An introduction: ‘What is an Attunement?’
  2. Preparation for the Attunement
  3. ‘Creating an altar’, an excerpt from my book A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life.
  4. A spring story, taken from my book Dancing with the Seasons: inspiration and resilience through times of change. 

I have set up two links for support with scheduling your Attunement and sharing your experience.


What others have said about the Seasonal Attunements

Participants in the Seasonal Attunements speak of a sense of sacred space, and an opening into levels of consciousness that they don’t normally access. Some have been surprised by what is revealed to them. Others have made remarkable shifts in their lives after the attunements.

I loved the way you wove together all the different aspects (listening, intention writing, drawing, meditation) – each one flowing beautifully into the next, with plenty of time to feel it and stay fully present.—Amy C

As a one-off purchase this package offers a well of invitations and inspirations that I can return to year after year. In fact I’m intrigued to find out what differences and patterns I will discover as I revisit this attunement next year and the next!

Without giving away the gifts/opportunities held within this attunement, I can unreservedly recommend it to anyone to wants to give themselves or a loved one the opportunity to rest, consider and refresh one’s life as the ‘growing season’ arrives.—Dr Ruth Panelli, social geographer & writer.


Registration:  $55

(That’s around U.S. $38). You may pay using your credit card or Paypal account by clicking the button below. First, please read the message in red below. It tells you what will happen next.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once you have paid you will need to click the link on the Paypal page that says “Return to Juliet Batten” and then wait 10 seconds. You will need to fill in that form and click the subscribe button so that you will receive the links to the Attunement package. If you are not automatically redirected after 10 seconds there will be a link that you can click on the Paypal success page that will take you where you need to go. Thank you.






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