Spring at the bach

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The grass on the walk from bach to the sea is studded with these star-like flowers; so bright and perky.

The broad beans in the bach garden are raising their stems towards the sun.

And the steps were covered in leaves from the storms, with weeds growing up through the cracks. This photo was taken before the weeds came – some months ago, in fact. But I’m showing it because this is where, in the fine sunshine of Saturday, while weeding with zest, I fell and broke my wrist,
So – my blogging will be sparse for a while. One hand good; two hands very good, and for some things, essential!


  1. Claire at Latitude

    That sounds like very zestful weeding! I sympathise, Juliet: I was a one-armed wonder for a couple of months after a shoulder operation last year. Covering slices of bread with a spread was one of the hardest activities – I never did work out how to hold the bread still. And my chin and teeth came in handy for all sorts of things I’d never used them for before. All the best for your healing.

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    Oh, Juliet, so sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope it isn’t too painful and you have some help. So many things we use both hands for, and don’t realize it until we are down to one while the other is in the shop, er, cast. Here’s to a speedy healing.

  3. juliet

    Thank you, Penny & Claire, for sympathy. A shoulder op sounds like a big thing Claire, & I’m using teeth and knees – not chin so far.
    Penny, it is a bit as if my arm has disappeared into the panel-beating shop. Let’s hope it emerges better than ever. Pain is manageable & friends are being very kind.

  4. realruth

    Very sorry to hear about your fall. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  5. Marja

    Hi Juliet I came to wish you a very happy birthday Sorry to hear about your wrist.Hope you were still able to enjoy your birthday. Take care

  6. juliet

    Thank you Marja, & I was able to enjoy my birthday to the full, thanks to dear friends & family, who were loving & supportive.

  7. Lynley

    I hope you can find some projects to enjoy as new life bursts forth around you this spring.

    Losing the function of a body part certainly increases our attention and our creativity.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. Sending healing energies your way.

  8. juliet

    Thank you Lynley for your healing wishes. Yes, it’s brought me very present – ‘increased attention’; you put it so well.


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