Spreading one’s wings

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 Mother shag is there again as I practise the Tai Chi movement ‘Spreading one’s wings’. She joins me.

 Then she rises up on her feet, just as I am doing,

 and sinks down again, with her wings still outstretched.

 Then suddenly, she is gone. I just manage to catch her in flight, with her tail feathers thrust up for balance.

 She descends,

and lands on the water, where she swims like a duck, patiently searching for more fish.
I have finished spreading my wings, and return to my study to fish for inspiration as I continue my writing.


  1. Elisabeth

    The joy pf spreading your wings Juliet and with such wonderful company, but can you take flight? Perhaps not literally, but at least in your imagination or in your dreams.

  2. juliet

    Hi Elisabeth, yes in my imagination I can certainly take flight! – and in my dreams; you are so right. Thanks for visiting.

  3. thekitchensgarden

    That was absolutely brilliant, I was up and down and up and down with her and you, now I have finally found you!!! love love celi

  4. Marja

    Your writing is inspirational and light like the bird who spreads its wings and flies

  5. juliet

    Marja thanks, what a lovely comment.

  6. juliet

    Hi Celia, I tried responding three times, but Blogpost is playing up and wouldn’t post it! What I said was thanks for dropping in to NZ and nice to have you here.
    PS Think it might work this time. Google wanted me to sign in all over again. Not Blogspot’s fault at all.
    So glad you could enjoy spreading your wings with me and the birds.

  7. lifeonthecutoff

    I always appreciate when you and Mother Shag practice your Tai Chi together, Juliet. I love both the peacefulness of these movements, and your playfulness as well.

  8. juliet

    Hi Penny. Yes, Mother Shag and I are having a good time together, and it certainly is both peaceful and playful. Thank you.

  9. Lynley

    I think the feature for me is that apart from some craft on the water the shag is the only bird on the vast stretches of water.

    Your photos capture the vastness and expansiveness….

  10. juliet

    Thank you Lynley, you are right. There is quite a sense of spaciousness here, even though it’s the inner harbour and the lone bird helps to create that.


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