Spirited Living mentoring group


Spirited Living Mentoring Group


For a small group of people who wish to express their gifts and cherished dreams fully in the world by drawing on sacred connection constantly and effectively.


Every year on my birthday, which falls in spring, a friend brings me a big bunch of purple irises.


Nice? Well, there’s one problem. Even though spring bulbs are flowering freely in the garden, these tight buds from the florist are different. Despite being so full of promise inside their green hoods, the irises always wither and die without emerging. They end up smelling awful. I throw them away, disappointed.

Have you ever experienced something like that with your dreams, bright ideas or projects? – that they wither on the bud, leaving you feeling despondent and cheated?

Or maybe you do carry your ideas through to blossoming or fruition, but the price you pay is too great. You end up exhausted, sick or burned out, saying to yourself, ‘Never again . . . ‘

Have you been that person?

I have.


The price of struggle

Not many people know this, but even though I’ve achieved many big projects over the years, I’ve often paid a high price for them. Because I had a struggle pattern, which I learned in my family.

It was May 1986 when a big Australian and New Zealand art event took place. After months of planning, on the morning of my biggest public ritual, I awoke with a streaming cold and flu. It was the brink of winter, and I was to lead 100 women in a beach ritual/performance. It would feature on TV and be recorded by film-makers. How could I brave the elements for several hours and talk to media when I was feeling so sick?

Well I did. I had support and I rose to the occasion. But I realised that I didn’t want to live my life that way. I knew that kind of pushing effort was not sustainable.


There is another way

If you are a withheld iris, a painful struggler or an unfulfilled dreamer, I think you will be interested in my mentoring group. I wish I’d had this in my life 40 years ago.

Even if you are an achiever, you may know that you could be bigger, bolder and more powerful. You long to reveal and express your whole self, not just the portion that has slipped past the censor.

One of the joys of a strong connection with the sacred is that you discover nothing depends entirely on you. No need to hide, struggle or withhold when you open to co-creating your life with sacredness, when you and Spirit walk hand in hand.

It’s a quantum leap to live like this, and to be frank, I wish I’d discovered the power of co-creation much earlier in my life.



The path of ease

When every endeavour is fuelled from Source, when you surrender to the guidance and wisdom that comes through, you start to walk the pathway of ease.

Think of the difference between a ferry boat ploughing its way through choppy seas, and a hovercraft which rides on a cushion of air. When you access grace, you surf the waves.


Why is the sacred important?

Because if you operate only from a contracted state of mind, or a contracted state of being, you suffer. You deprive yourself of energy and vital information. You also lose touch with the wellspring inside. If it becomes a way of life, then everything suffers, everything is diminished: your relationships, health, decision-making, work, and your environment . . .


What are the benefits of connecting with the sacred?

The sacred is where you touch a deeper level of meaning. You reach for the best in yourself. The sacred evokes both reverence and lightness, joy and pleasure. It’s about opening to dimensions of life that are larger than your personal self. It’s about connection: with yourself, with others, with your environment, with the rhythm & the fullness of life itself.

How do you do this on a daily basis, so that this kind of living becomes your natural and habitual way?




You could try ‘Spirited Living’

When I first came to my spiritual path nearly 40 years ago I was taught to balance meditation, contemplation and chanting with the practice of ‘seva’: selfless service. I learned that the secret of ‘seva’ is about aligning with higher purpose. Finding that alignment meant I could achieve things I never thought possible.

Then in 2014 I took another step by joining a spiritually-based coaching group. This strong container for combining business and spirituality has been profoundly healing and transformative for me. For the first time in my life, I feel I’m expressing powerfully from the depths of my whole self. It’s a great joy!

I want you to have that too.

The mentoring group I’ve created, ‘Spirited Living’, is designed to connect your spirituality with your vocation in the world.


Juliet Unitarian church


What experience and skills will I bring to this group?

As your mentor I bring a wealth of experience from facilitating groups since 1980. I’ve run courses on creativity, collaborative art-making, mythology, and ritual, as well as co-leading meditation intensives and courses. More recently I’ve been teaching online courses on ritual and sacred earth connection.

My work over 26 years as a psychotherapist taught me to be conversant with inner processes, working with the will and releasing the capacity for self-expression. I’ve helped people with work issues, completing PhDs, and realising creative and business projects.

My prize-winning book A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life (2005) lays the foundation for the work of this group. Yet the group is about more than enhancing your life (although that is likely to be a significant side effect). It’s also about manifesting and harnessing your will towards your highest intention.

Two decades of environmental work, ten years as a full-time exhibiting artist, followed by 35 years writing and publishing have taught me about bringing my own gifts to the world. Now as a business owner I’ve learned the art of being a solopreneur and reaching a wider audience through online platforms.


How will the group work?

A small group like this is synergistic. Together we will attend to three significant alignments: with Spirit, with the rhythm of nature, and with your own will.

I will be there to offer guidance, connection with the sacred, and mentor you personally.


Each live session will consist of the following:

  • A sacred practice that we do together. This might be contemplation, guided meditation, connecting to the seasonal rhythm, working with a quality or virtue, or gratitude, for example. We’ll start each session with sacred practice to establish our alignment with Spirit and access guidance and holding.
  • Time for questions & mentoring. You will be able to bring your current focus to the group and I will work with you online, offering insights, seeing ways forward where you are stuck, and providing compassionate support.
  • Teachings & suggestions for ongoing development, as needed. Sometimes you may need a practical resource, guidance or instruction through reading, or a practice for strengthening your connection with the sacred. In this way you will be extended and helped to grow into more expanded perspectives and capacities. My suggestions will be personal and appropriate to who you are, and where your cutting edge lies.


Private Facebook group

There will be a private Facebook group for sharing and support. I will be with you there, staying alongside with whatever you are working on, giving you on the spot support, witnessing, encouragement and mentoring. I will visit the Facebook page during week days, for 2-3 days a week.

As the group members get to know one another, the synergy of the group can come alive, and beneficial cross-connections will emerge. You will support and inspire one another and benefit from witnessing others bringing their projects to fruition.


How will I know if this group is right for me?

If any of the following resonate, then this group is for you:

  • You’ve cherished a dream or a project for some time, maybe for years, but you haven’t been able to take it forward
  • You know that you could be so much greater than you are
  • You are a creative person and want to see your work flourish
  • You wish to transform an area of your life that feels stuck
  • You are ready to stop hiding your gifts and to bring them fully into your life, for the benefit of all
  • You want to end struggle and bring more joy and ease into your life and work
  • You’ve attended one of my courses and want to develop and sustain the shifts you’ve experienced


What are the details?

There will be an application process to join.

Numbers will be limited to six, so that you can receive individual attention.

We will meet twice monthly online for a session of 90 minutes, on a week day at 11 am. Sessions will be recorded in case you miss one.

Commitment is initially for 6 months, though you may find this group is so fulfilling that you end up staying on. This is not a course, it is an ongoing group with no end-point.


What does it cost?

$350 per month, payable by automatic payment; or credit card via Paypal. A small surcharge may apply to payments processed through Paypal.


Meeting dates:

Meetings are on two week days a month, from 11 am – 12.30 pm
You may use the Contact form if you have any questions, or go directly to the application form at the bottom of this page.

2020:Tuesday December 1, 15

2021: Tuesdays, Jan 12, 26; February 9, 23; March 9, 23; April 13, 27; May 11, 25; June 8, 22; July 13, 27; August to December to be announced.


How do I apply?

If you are intrigued, or your heart is opening to what this might be like, then click here to view the application form.

Once you’ve filled it in,  I’ll give you a free online consultation of 20-30 minutes to help clarify how this group might help you.

What others have said

‘I really enjoyed the peacefulness and connection that the fortnightly Friday morning sessions came to embody. The knowledge that others were striving in analogous ways has been a real support to me.’
— Jane Horan, social anthropologist & creative thinker


‘Having been a group participant for over a year now I have a much clearer understanding of what it is I’m writing about, why I’m writing it and how to go about it.  As this is a heart-driven project the regular, fortnightly mentoring sessions have been a vital component keeping me connected with spirit as well as helping me through a variety of practical issues as they’ve arisen along the way. I’ve also had the benefit of the insights and struggles of the other group members.’

— Richard Jacob-Hoff, Manager of Conservation Science & Research, Auckland Zoo