Sometimes summer looks like autumn

by | Dec 17, 2011 | Uncategorized | 8 comments

I picked up red pohutukawa leaves from the beach, sprinkled some jade plant leaves around, and placed a little yellow flower in the centre. Then I realised how autumnal it looked. But the casualness is about summer, and the warmth was certainly there on that day, even though it’s danced back into the corners again.


  1. realruth

    Summer in Christchurch has danced back in to the corners again, too. It’s cold here today. Where is the Solstice sun?

  2. juliet

    Yes indeed, we will have to get out there and do sun dances!

  3. thekitchensgarden

    I am from NZ and now I live on a small farm out on the prairies in the midwest. But Oh I miss the pohutakawa.. they smell like summer to have a lovely collection there.. c

  4. Joan

    Our trees are so evergreen they drop old leaves all year round don’t they. I have been picking up beautiful golden leaves too. Love the message in your latest newsletter. happy solstice on the 22nd.

  5. juliet

    What a delight to have you visiting from the kitchensgarden on the other side of the world – and a fellow kiwi as well! I’ve just visited your blog and love it – have signed up.

  6. juliet

    Joan, thank you and you are very welcome. Yes, I keep getting surprised at the different coloured leaves that our evergreen trees produce.

  7. Marilyn

    I love the colours we have at this time of the year too, they are set off so beautifully by all our greenness.
    At the moment it certainly feels more autumnal than summer doesn’t it.

  8. juliet

    Hi Marilyn, yes I think summer is teasing us by taking one step forward and two steps back.


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