Solstice Solitude

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It’s summer solstice, and I am having my favourite kind of summer solstice day. I have been quietly wandering the stream and beach, picking up fern fronds, pohutukawa blossoms, and dandelions, and finding a place to make an image for the solstice. This is an old practice of mine, and this year I am blessed with a day of solitude before visitors arrive.
The birds have been singing to me as I wander and gather — grey warblers, tuis, welcome swallows, and a kingfisher.
I’ve watched bees swarming around the pohukukawa trees, creating buzzing halos. I was so happy to see them, because bees are becoming scarcer these days. I fantasised about the pohutukawa honey that might soon appear on the local stalls. I tried to photograph the bees, but they dived so fast into the blossoms, burying themselves in those crimson tendrils, that I had trouble catching them.

If you look carefully, you might spot an ecstatic bee in the very centre of the picture, rolling around in the flower.

Here’s the second sun I made on the sand – you’ll see that the background is black because here on the west coast the beaches are made of ironsand.
Wherever you are, in northern or southern hemisphere, I wish you gladness at solstice, and a moment to pause and enjoy.


  1. Anne Dean Ruffell

    I have just been soaking up the beauty of Te Henga and the sense of peace you get from such a magical place. Over here the sun is shining and the sky is a delicate blue, so very English, with everything in pastel shades. In an hour we will be heading off to a very different place to celebrate our Christmas and that will make it even more special. Have a wonderful time with the family and may 2012 bring much joy and happiness to you all.

  2. juliet

    Anne, I think of English china from your description. Happy christmas to you too, so far away, but soon to be closer.

  3. Hilary

    Hi Juliet .. lovely pictures .. have a very happy Christmas and New Year .. though I hope Christchurch isn’t hit by another disaster .. with many thoughts to all down south .. Hilary

  4. juliet

    Thank you HIlary. Christchurch had two more quakes yesterday, and I really feel for them, especially given the time of year. Happy Christmas to you too.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    Such lovely images as you celebrate Juliet. The sun and warmth on the beach look so inviting. We are cold here at 24 degrees, but, no snow, for which we are grateful to not have to shovel and plow, but, missing it’s own special beauty at the same time. It is dark here, now, by 4:15ish, which we don’t mind with all the Christmas lights and the joy of knowing the days will now be getting longer.

  6. juliet

    Ooh, it sounds cold Penny, but I’m sure you will be cosy and full of good cheer. Happy Christmas.


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