When you lose your footing
May the earth hold you

When your heart is aching
May the waters soothe you

When life feels overwhelming
May the air lighten you

When your thoughts are darkening
May the fire illumine you.







Earth, water, air, fire
Eternal elements, bringing life

Solstice fullness, solstice sun
Bless you always, every one.


Whether you are opening to the fullness of summer light or seeding a new cycle in the winter dark, may you be renewed, sustained, and strengthened as the wheel of the year turns at solstice.








Each summer, I make a solstice mandala from nature’s offerings. It is my gift to you.

This year, the soothing blues of the jacaranda and self-heal flowers called to me. The silver buds of the pōhutukawa seemed full of the promise of new life after what has been a hard year for the world.

My blessing this year is a reminder that the elements of nature are always there for us, ready to offer solace.


Books for the season:

A Cup of Sunlight

Celebrating the Southern Seasons

Dancing with the Seasons