Solstice blessing 2020

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Imagine if . . .


at this time of year,
for every person who is speeding up,
and behaving erratically . . .


there is someone who is
slowing down,
connecting deeply
to the still centre
and taking special care.


Imagine what the lead up
to summer solstice/winter solstice/Xmas
would then be like.


Just imagine. . .


Could that someone be you?



Blessings on you all, whether you are opening to the fullness of summer solstice light, or to the seeding of a new cycle in the winter solstice dark. Every year at this time I make a solstice mandala. This floating one is for you.


May there be peace in your homes and love in your heart.



Thank you for your good company through 2020, for your comments, appreciations, & insights. As always, your comments are welcome. From Dec 19 I will be on holiday. I look forward to being with you again in 2021 after drifting into the rhythms of summer beside the sea. As a bonus, you will find a solstice ritual below.


Solstice blessings,





A ritual for solstice, summer or winter


In the southern hemisphere:

Take time outside on the longest day. Find a grassy place or a beach. You may do this alone, with friends or with family (including children and tamariki).

1. Make a circle, either by drawing it in the sand or using leaves/flowers/stones on the grass. This circle is your sacred space, for stillness, time out and contemplation.

2. In the centre, place a dark seed or some object that represents the sun’s turning towards darkness after the brightest day.

3. In the circle, place objects of your choice from nature, to represent what you are grateful for from 2020.

4. Share the meaning of each object with your friends or family, each person naming what they are offering up for gratitude.

5. Sing a song, offer up a prayer or link hands and give thanks.


In the northern hemisphere:

Make your circle inside, from natural objects such as stones or shells, and place a candle in the middle to represent the sun that is now returning after the darkest night. Light the candle as you begin, and follow the steps above.


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  1. Maureen Adair

    Thank you Juliet.
    Happy summer solstice.


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