Solstice Blessing


May you cherish your loved ones
May you cherish the earth
May you cherish your own dear self


As the wheel turns
at Solstice


Amidst the busyness,
remember to slow down,
breathe, and open to blessings.


Remembering what matters




Blessings on you all, whether you are opening to the fullness of summer solstice light, or to the seeding of a new cycle in the winter solstice dark. Every solstice I like to make mandalas. This one, created at Piha on Auckland’s west coast is for you.


The centre is created from gazania petals, expressing the radiance of the solstice sun. The black tips around the centre are a reminder of the darkness that is seeded at summer solstice.


Shells and stones usher in the stories of river waters and seashore.


Kauri leaves and native snail shells surround the outside, with karamu berries perching on the stones, ready for a native bird to fly in and take them away.


May there be peace in your home and love in your heart.


Thank you for your good company through 2019, for your comments, appreciations, & insights. From December 19 I will be on holiday. Keep an eye on my Facebook page, as I may do some solstice posts from the bach. I look forward to being with you again in 2020 after drifting into the rhythms of summer in the bush and beside the sea.



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Deepen the connection


Would you like to experience the elements of life more fully, in ways that you may not have dreamed of?

Would you enjoy engaging with an assignment every two weeks to lure you outdoors, to be with trees, water, air and the creatures of the earth on a whole new level?

Then I would love to have you join me for Sacred Earth my new online course that will begin in February 2020.

The Sacred Earth course will bring you into healthy connection with the regenerative, healing power of the earth, and show you a way to form a powerful partnership with nature.


The earth needs you, and you need the earth.


Here’s what some of the participants in the last course (2017) said:

‘Sacred Earth has been a perfect fit for me at this time of my life. I am loving the assignments and the intimacy with Nature that comes from doing them. I have always loved my relationship to Nature and the Earth, this however is a whole other level.’


‘I’ve always talked to plants, only now I listen as well … that’s been the huge change, it’s made all the difference in the connection and what keeps me coming back over and over, is the deep sense of peace and balance, and really it’s felt like a ‘remembering’, or recognition that this has been possible all along.’


‘Loving the facilitation and teaching – thank you Juliet. It’s inspirational and it feels like a bow and arrow pushing me forwards into uncharted deepening of my connection with nature.’ 


‘I am loving the course. It feels the right thing to be doing for me right now and is delivering beyond my expectations.’

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