Snowflakes in Auckland!

by | Aug 15, 2011 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Yes, it’s true! This afternoon the sun was swallowed up in the icy clouds above, and what began as rain suddenly softened into snow flakes.
Rain falls, but snowflakes tumble, float, and waft down from the sky.
Here beside the sea, the snow did not linger on the ground.
No photos were possible, for this ephemeral event.
And so all I can do is paint a word picture.
But I saw a sight I never thought to see in my lifetime: snow falling in Auckland!


  1. Marja

    It’s incredible isn’t it even snow in Auckland. We’ve got about 20 cm in the garden

  2. ruth

    It’s been beautiful here in C.Otago too! But reminds me of your writing Juliet that early spring can be both so hopeful and also so harsh – we’re doing our bit for the local bellbirds and silver-eyes with some warm honey water and feed at the beginning and end of these cold days.

  3. juliet

    Christchurch must be amazing, Marja; and thank you Ruth for the reminder about the mixed blessings of early spring. The birds must be appreciating your sweet offerings.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Your word pictures are vivid, Juliet, and I am imaging the snow falling there and how amazing that must be for Auckland. My Greek grandmother would tell us about the one time snow fell in her village and the excitement it brought. It wasn’t until she came to America and settled in the midwest that she saw it again (and again and again and again).

  5. Lynley

    And as I type this in Porirua, only a couple of hundred feet about sea level the soft snow is falling here again.
    The sound of snow falling on the roof is very different to rain. It is muffled, soft and if the wind is blowing whooshy.

    We have had the odd small snow fall here over the years but nothing like this event of the past two days. I feel as if I am living in a snow globe.

    The birds have been back very keenly eating the apples I have hung in the kowhai tree since the polar weather hit us.

  6. juliet

    Penny, I feel like your Greek grandmother – for this is a one-off event indeed! And Lynley, I love your description of the sounds of the snow. Your birds are lucky too to be able to have a good feast of apples.


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