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 Life has been too busy, and so I’ve been craving simplicity.
It was low tide, just before the rain returned with great enthusiasm, when I had an afternoon at the small local beach. A heron, came by, closer than usual.
Oh, for the stillness of the heron! As I watched, I became quieter inside.

And being with the little one slows me down too. She knows how to stop and watch.

 She is collecting shells with care and discrimination now, giving them all to me. And so I sat on the sand, having a play,

 arranging them and as I did so, studying the amazing colour range among them.

A tree is irresistible for this little monkey.

A late Monarch flitters by, and I find that the shell arrangement turns into butterflies too.

Gradually, life is taking on another rhythm, with time to play once more, and enjoy moments of simplicity. (sigh)


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. now your book is here and you’ve had a great day in Auckland promoting it .. I’m not surprised you need some simplicity … enjoy the little one ..

    Love the shells and the colours – Hilary

  2. Penny O'Neill

    What wonderful arrangements and patterns in the sea shells, Juliet, and how utterly relaxing it must be to hold them, feel them, arrange them. What a peaceful post.

  3. Vicki Lane

    Such a lovely, serene moment after the excitement of your new book!

  4. Diana Drent

    The moments of simplicity are the best moments! Loved to read it!

  5. juliet

    * Hilary, yes, after all the excitement, this day was a treat.

    * Penny, I couldn’t believe how many different colours were in the shells. Maybe the mud flats create different shades.

    * Vicki, the serenity was exactly what I needed.

    * Diana, the simplicity was delicious.

    Thank you Hilary, Penny, Vicki and Diana, much appreciated.

  6. Hotly Spiced

    I’ve been incredibly busy too and am now enjoying a sojourn at the beach. What beautiful shells – we don’t have shells like that on the beaches in Sydney xx

  7. juliet

    * Charlie, the shells are really special and it’s quite surprising to find them on an inner harbour beach. Hope you are enjoying your beach holiday.

  8. Ruth P

    This is a beautiful post Juliet! Finding the way to access the relevant dose of simplicity and play one needs seems a fine art at times!! but it’s lovely you have a companion to help with that process.
    Here my most frequent ‘aide’ is the Karearea (NZ falcon) – whenever I am lucky enough to spot one flying in our skies I pause and breathe the wonder of that moment: Life is so much *more* than any of the busy-ness I’ve got engrossed in! And the Karearea is a potent reminder.

  9. juliet

    * Ruth, how special to have the karearea to watch and marvel at. Instant expansion and stillness, I imagine!

    Thank you for visiting, and for your comment.


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