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In the golden weather of autumn, which keeps extending itself, day by day, I sit on the beach. With Mira, it’s very simple. Just be there. Enjoy. Play in the sand.

 Watch the boats sailing by,

while Mira finds her own solution to sandcastles that won’t come whole out of the bucket. She just puts the bucket back over the crumbled pile and continues to build on top of it, and all around. While I’ve made a mound, Mira tells me she’s making a mountain.
When you are two and a half, imagination always finds a way. With Mira, life is simple.


  1. Joan

    I’ve just been catching up and love your posts of beach garden and Mira and you on the beach. I switched my computer off because i could not post photos, and have been helping a dear friend.. born and bred Aucklander.. settle into her new home in Matamata! Lovely Autumn Juliet!

  2. Marilyn

    This is a lovely post, and isn’t our autumn wonderful. I like the way Mira thinks, we could learn so much from children.

  3. juliet

    Thank you Joan & Marilyn, & nice to know you are still there Joan.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    I love Mira’s solution to the whole in the bucket. What a darling child she is and pretty good at problem solving at such an early age. I know you will continue to enjoy your autumn, Juliet. It sounds delightful.

  5. Sue

    Lovely to see the sails flying past Birkenhead wharf and to read of you and Mira enjoying golden moments of autumn being..

  6. juliet

    Thank you Sue. Nice to have you visit.

  7. lines n shades

    wonderful post. love mira’s sandcastle picture 🙂


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