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Psst! Don’t tell a soul. But I caught a whiff of fragrance this morning and found this . . .

and then discovered that the tulips Mira and I planted are doing this . . .  (one for every year of her life; she turns 4 tomorrow)

And the daphne bush is doing this . . .

More fragrance – and I discovered this . . .

And – ‘Don’t forget the avocado!’ said Mira. We’ve been watching the big seed for weeks now, and I had given up on it. But look, it’s cracking open and shooting high.
Could it be – is it possible – that the shell of winter is also cracking open and giving birth to . . . ? (but don’t say a word. We are talking about the most fickle season ever) . . .


  1. Lynley

    Oh what tempting treats you have found Juliet.

    Last week I felt sure a certain season was not far away but this week reality is back.

    I love your avocado stone sprouting project for Mira.

    Happy 4th birthday Mira!

  2. juliet

    Lynley, it sounds like you have had a glimpse of you-know-what also. The avocado is fascinating to watch. Thank you for your birthday greetings to Mira.

  3. Joan

    Aha! It is late and I’ve just popped a quick post up and now checked yours! A bit of a theme going we have! Love the avocado! Happy birthday Mira. Growing quickly too.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    My lips are sealed. I won’t say a word. I will say happy birthday to Mira, however, with wishes across the miles and miles to her.

  5. juliet

    Joan, I popped over to your blog and took a look. We do indeed have a theme going here! Fragrance is spreading from Auckland to Hamilton.

    Penny, today is the day. Mira loved the book of fairy tales I gave her yesterday, and wants to keep it here so I can read it to her (I am delighted by this), because they are ‘long stories.’

    Thank you both for your happy birthday greetings to Mira. she is a very happy little girl.

  6. Ruth G

    This reminds me of a presentation I saw yesterday which had a backing track from Leonard Cohen – “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
    Best birthday wishes to your lovely granddaughter.

  7. juliet

    Ruth – that’s a nice line, thank you for that and birthday wishes.

  8. Marja

    Oh isn’t that wonderful. A real sign. I adore the sprouting advocado. What a wonders of nature

  9. juliet

    Marja, the avocado has taken its time, but now feels unstoppable. It is a wonder for sure. Thank you.

  10. Hotly Spiced

    Oh I do hope it is. I was walking Alfie home just before 6pm tonight and we noticed that it was light whereas during the last month or two it has been dark at that hour. We noticed the days are becoming longer and I do hope the tide is turning and the days are becoming warmer and that spring is on its way. It’s a little early but I hope so! Love the avocado nut image! xx

  11. juliet

    Hi Charlie, yes the light is becoming noticeable now. It’s a good feeling to know that change is on its way.The avocado leaves are now opening up. Thanks for calling.

  12. cecilia

    Oh I LOVE Daphne.. We used to grow avocados from the stones too. How lovely. Maybe a little crease in the weather, revealing a little softness! c

  13. juliet

    Hi Miss C. The daphne is now poking its head out of the green covering, Heavenly scent is on its way. Nice to see you here.

  14. Ruth P

    Beautiful signs Juliet! Leaf buds on the roses here in Central just starting swell a little, but the birds are starting to sing as if they know seasonal changes are afoot!

  15. juliet

    Ruth, nice to hear of the signs in Central Otago. Yes, those changes in bird son are a delight. Thank you.

  16. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – what fun .. and so lovely those scents – hyancinth, daphne .. then the avo and the tulips sprouting out … I bet Mira will be chuffed to see her bulbs bursting through …

    We are struggling .. some of the trees look very stressed here – dark and brown and the leaves are falling already …

    Happy Birthday Mira for today/tomorrow!!!!

    Life is changing .. cheers Hilary

  17. juliet

    Hi Hilary, sounds like you’ve had a tough summer. Just as well England has done so well in the Olympics as I’m sure that’s provided a much-needed cheer up for everyone. Thanks for the birthday wishes, she had a great birthday.


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