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Why am I giving you this Seasons Newsletter and mp3 for free?

I want you to feel held and guided, to fill your cup and replenish your soul. Given the demands of modern life, many of us need stillness and holding. I know how supported I feel when someone speaks to me in the quiet of my own home and guides me through a process to connect me more deeply with myself. I know how something in me wakes up and finds solace.

I love writing the Seasons Newsletter.

It’s my time to stop and reflect,  to align my own inner processes with the outer changes in nature, and to consider what you might need in any particular season. I want to help you make this alignment, so that you can use your energies wisely and well, to flow with the rhythms of seeding, growing, releasing and resting.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then you will be aware of the polarity of our different seasons. You may choose to save the newsletters in a special file to refer to in six months time, or you may simply enjoy the polarity.


Lynne H
What lovely work you do Juliet, listening and speaking to the Earth in your images and rituals.
Martin S
What a beautiful newsletter to connect us with nature in all her aspects.
Thank you for your lovely seasonal newsletter. It always touches and inspires me.
Andrea, Waimauku
What a treasure trove of calm, blissful inspiration you offer.


More praise for Seasons Newsletter.

Your Seasonal Newsletters have sustained and uplifted me during a couple of years of family and personal challenges.—Joy F

I’ve been impressed with your new fresh images on these newsletters.—Wende J

Really love the touch of soul that comes through my email when these arrive!—Kim M

Wonderful and inspiring again! You have the ability to capture the essence of the moment. What a breath of fresh air you are!—Ruth P

I love the reflection about tending and how we come to love what we tend.—Hilary S

It is always wonderful receiving your seasonal newsletters, thanks. It makes me stop and be.—Veronika E-G

Thank you Juliet.  I’m loving your newsletters and have created a folder in my Outlook to hang on to them so I can go back and re-visit your delicious prose.—Richard J

I love opening your newsletters, and immediately that I do, I feel a calmness and quietness and space. It is always the same and I don’t have that feeling with any others. I can feel your meditative space within that is calm and aware. —Julia Sich

I have been following your newsletters for some time and get so much out of each one. You have offered a place of nurture, understanding, comfort, and strength to me over the years at times when it is exactly what is needed. — T.F


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