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Even on a grey wintry day, subtle shimmers of light break through the clouds. I drove to the dentist, feeling a little wan, and who should I discover in the waiting room but an old friend. I had just connected with her on ‘Linked In’ the day before! After a warm hug, I felt that the sun had come out.
On the way home I stopped to admire Rangitoto in the winter light, over a stretch of glimmering water. Beauty is everywhere, even when we least expect it.


  1. Marilyn

    I think it’s wonderful that if we keep ourselves open to all that is around us we become so much more aware and experience beauty at the most unexpected times. I love your photo of Rangitoto.

  2. Joan

    Beautiful. Have you ever noticed when light hits the water it makes a path right to the eyes of the observer only. I stood alone on a ship once and the rising sun made a track straight to me. Another person came and stood near but to my eyes the track of the sun came only to me. Of course he would have seen the same phenomen, with the sun shining a track only to him. A lovely meatphor.Each special.

  3. Joan

    Excuse my spelling. I think my brain goes faster than my typing!


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