Come with me for an early morning walk at The Moorings. We go down the drive way to the narrow tiled path that leads to the jetty. We pass hibiscus and bird of paradise, brightly flowering.

 A bumble bee clumsily bumbles its way through the flowering rosemary, but apart from its buzzing, the air is silent.

 The banana palm hangs down a seedpod, zen in its simplicity.

 As I pass under it, I turn my head and see it hanging against a clear blue sky. Rain was forecast for all of Easter, but so far, not a drop has fallen. I decided to stay in town, and I’m glad I did,

 for the whole city is asleep and still. Not even yachts sailing in the harbour,

 although, as I do my Tai Chi by the sea, a neighbour comes down to the jetty and prepares to launch his dinghy.

Meanwhile Prince Shag presides over a group of cohorts that have come to sun themselves on the nearby boat ramp. They are not going anywhere. From time to time they shift position a little, and then settle back down to dry their wings in the morning warmth.
Easter this year is full of peace, and the serenity of autumn. May yours be a happy one, whether you are in spring or fall.