I’m on retreat. Life became too complex and I became winter-weary. Then a virus hit me hard and I’ve been slow to recover.
It’s been a rich time since publishing my new book Spirited Ageing, setting up a new website (click here to take a look), and receiving wonderful feedback from readers. I’ve been packaging up parcels to put in the mail, sending out review copies, doing interviews and preparing to be on TV.

 With the website book page up and running, I am now sending copies overseas, which is just what I dreamed would happen.
But this has left little time to sit and watch the clouds,

 or cast off my shoes and walk bare-foot on the sand,

or to be still in the presence of nature’s magnificence.

 And so I’ve given myself a birthday treat: a re-treat.  Here I’m finding simplicity.
All I have to do is relax, sleep, walk by the sea, and eat the delicious meals that arrive on a tray at my door.

And create little altars on the wide sills, then sit and absorb the beauty. At first I just slept, and let myself empty out. A little bit of life is returning, but I’m still taking it easy. Sending this post to you is the big event of the day. Time to rest some more now. May you all find the retreat times that you need, when you need them.