What’s the use of sitting at a computer, revising chapter eight of my book, when I feel my energy flagging? Post-viral fatigue is wrapping around me like a musty old jacket. There’s only one solution. Get outside into the morning sun. Seek out brightness.

And there it is, as I walk down to the jetty, and am greeted by this newly flowering geranium.

 The tide is gently lapping as I find a patch of sunlight and do my tai chi. Ooh, the soothing sound of the sea, sloshing and sliding over the muddy, sea-weedy shore. I find myself falling into rhythm

 with the waves and the brilliant reflections that defy camera-catching. But their sound continues: shush-aah, shush-aah.

 As I return I notice the first agapanthus waving its blue buds and dancing flower.

 The reflections have passed into me

I pick some of the rosemary that is flowing profusely, and bring it inside to inspire my work.
I can do it now. I’ve found brightness.