Sometimes I forget that I’ve carefully planted some seeds – that is, until they brightly sprout. This morning I received this magazine in the post – the spring issue of Organic NZ.

And inside was this article that I sent them many months earlier. It’s an excerpt from my latest book, ‘Dancing with the Seasons’, and includes photos taken at the bach last spring. You may have already seen some of them on my blog.
I’ve been feeling a bit jaded lately, what with this heavy cast on my left arm, not being able to drive or get out to the bach, and a touch of end-of-season flu. But seeing the sprouting of these seeds reminded me that when hard work has been put in, it does result in sprouting, greening and new life. And in turn, that cheers me up and brightens my day.
PS It’s a great magazine. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:;jsessionid=434CCA0C0D934BD84B4017B5CD303575.ns101-e01?prnt=cat1960018&productId=500609940&categoryId=cat1960078