Saving Seeds

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Did you celebrate the festival of First Fruits (Lugnasad, Te Waru, Lammas) on February 2? If so, you may have found yourself gathering berries, stone fruit or nuts to bring to the altar.

On an inner level, as you gather in the first fruits of summer, how do you decide what to keep and what to discard? 

How do you discriminate between what was delightful but ephemeral, and what was significant and needs to come forward into your life so that you can benefit and grow?

 Releasing and keeping

Maybe it was fun having all those leisurely lunches with friends, trips to the mountains or lakeshore, or swimming in the surf each day, but now it’s time to accept that the holiday is over.

On the other hand, your body may have opened to a sense of wellbeing that can be sustained through ongoing yoga, tai chi or long walks. Or perhaps your heart opened in a way that can be supported by a regular meditation practice, or time scheduled in to spend with a grandchild, cherished friend or beloved old person.

Selecting seed

In traditional societies, where the saving of seeds was critical to survival, people became adept at selecting viable seed that would fertilise readily and grow strong plants through the next cycle.

 Selecting the fertile seed from your summer, and knowing how to plant it, is a vital part of aligning with the seasonal flow and building resilience.

 If you would like to be guided through a process to deepen and discover what your soul longs to reveal to you, join me for the Summer Attunement next Tuesday, February 10.

 Registrations have come in from locations as diverse as Perth, Karori, Petone, Taranaki, Featherstone, Ranui, Torbay, and various parts of central Auckland.

 We will light our candles and link together, as the season turns and the moon’s face is softened by inward-seeking shadows. There are still some places available, and you are welcome to join in.

Summer Attunement          

Tuesday 10 February, 2015, 7.30 – 8.30 pm 


The Summer Attunement will help you to find

  • What really matters to your heart
  • The seeds of your summer in a form that you can save and plant in the weeks to come
  • Depth of connection with your own self and the flow of the seasons
  • Spiritual wisdom to guide you in your growth
  • The deep satisfaction that comes from assimilating the gifts of the season
  • Integration and wholeness

Can you really achieve this through an online ritual and meditation?

Yes, you can. Participants in the Seasonal Attunements speak of the power of group synergy, a sense of sacred space, and an opening into levels of consciousness that they don’t normally access. Some have been surprised by what is revealed to them. Others have made remarkable shifts in their lives after the calls.

You will enter the Attunement the moment you sign up and receive the pdf: How to Prepare. This gives you a process that you can begin immediately, in the quiet of your own home. On the call itself you will be guided deeper into discovery and assimilation. After the call you can choose to be in touch with a partner in order to ground any action steps that emerge.

 As gentle rain falls upon parched earth, and the earth breathes a sigh of welcome, you will assimilate the best of your summer/ holiday/time of heart opening.




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