Savage spring

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Fierce storms have wrecked havoc at the bach.

Savage spring sent ferocious gusts that tugged and ripped until all resistance was gone.

 Felled is the lofty kanuka that has stood for over 50 years a sentinel at the corner.

Who guards the guardians?

The tree was sound, with no trace of rot. Maybe it was slashed by lightning. Nature has many methods.

Savage spring has torn branches off younger trees and flung them casually over the pathways.

 Nikau fronds were whipped off and disdainfully cast through the inner sanctuary of the flax bush.

 But the same power is unsheathing the new season’s strong shoots,

driving weeds up through the pathways, scattering onion weed over the banks, 
bolting through broccoli and rocket, sending it to seed before it’s had time to produce,
filling the silver beet with dark nutrients,

 and finally, as if in an act of contrition, offering up a single flower.

There have been times when I too have been rent asunder, slashed and tattered.
Life, like nature, has its savage seasons. But nature also brings new life and new energy.  The blood of wounding is also the blood of regeneration.


  1. growMama

    Goodness, nature can do a brutal pruning! Like in our lives sometimes…the Tower tarot card came to mind seeing these pictures. Must’ve been a shock coming home to that!

  2. Juliet Batten

    Yes, that’s it exactly Anissa. Thank you, it was a shock, but then I just stood in awe, because the interior of the tree was so beautiful. I wanted to carve it.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    I’m sorry to hear about your storms and see the damage to your property at the Bach. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but we’ve had some terrible storms hear in Sydney with temperatures plummeting and even snow in the mountains. It’s been so cold. And thank you so much for your comments regarding the chocolate cake. I do agree with you re the high sugar content. Next time I make it I will use coconut oil instead of butter and coconut sugar to replace the sugar. It’s great cake but it could be equally as good with some healthier alternatives xx

  4. Linda

    Wow! Devastating. Your photos are lovely.

  5. Juliet Batten

    * Charlie, I heard about the storms in Sydney and they sound pretty devastating too. I look forward to more recipes from you.
    * Linda, it was pretty strong that storm.
    Thank you Charlie and Linda, I appreciate your comments.

  6. Nadezda

    Oh, my God! What a storm, Juliet!
    Pure your veggies and flowers. I hope they could survive and continue growing.

  7. Juliet Batten

    Nadezda, yes it was a big storm and went on for many days, but the veges and flowers were low enough to the ground to survive, luckily.

  8. silkannthreades

    Our weather has been mild in comparison.I love your words ‘The blood of wounding is also the blood of regeneration’. There is comfort in that thought. Are you able to carve the wood? Or sand and oil a piece as a keepsake?

  9. Juliet Batten

    Gallivanta, thank you. I found comfort in that thought too. I like the idea of sanding and oiling a piece of the wood. That would be a nice way to soothe away the shock.

  10. Lynley

    Hi Juliet! I’ve just found your new and very lovely WP version of your blog.
    Your area does seem to have borne the brunt of very high winds this year. Many, many tall, older exotic trees have been cut down in our area after so much storm damage over the past few years.
    As you say regeneration does quickly appear in nature.
    What will happen to the Kanuka?

  11. Juliet Batten

    Lynley, how good to see you here. Yes, the new look is very clean and bright. My bach is on the west coast, so the winds came straight in at it. I think the kanuka will be cut for firewood, after having a time to season. But I’d like to take some of the heart wood to sand and oil, maybe even to carve, because it’s so lovely.

  12. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – crumbs the Kanuka is grounded after 50 years .. the storm winds must have been devastating. However life does start again doesn’t it .. just gives us a new vista to look at after we’ve tidied up.

    I’m glad the veggie garden is enjoying the warmer Spring weather .. cheers Hilary

  13. Juliet Batten

    Hilary, it’s true that new vistas open up when a tree is gone. The winds were pretty strong. Thanks.

  14. Vicki Lane

    Such beautiful words and pictures. The loss of a big tree is always sad. . .

  15. Juliet Batten

    Thank you Vicki. So many years of growth went into that tree, and it’s sad that it was felled by the wind when it was still so healthy and strong.

  16. Juliet Batten

    Thank you Linda. Trees take on such a presence over the years, don’t they?


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