Rocks that float

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 This morning the weather was mild, and so the little one and I eagerly trotted down to the beach. She was here for a sleepover, such a treat for both of us. We never know what we are going to find at the beach.
 ‘Look, they are like rocks that float!’

 Their heads didn’t come out of the water for long. We haven’t seen the black swans for months, but this morning eight of them flew in to feed.

 ‘I forgot about the swing, because it’s been so long.’

Heaven is the rhythm of swinging, under the pohutukawa trees, out over the sand and incoming tide, watching the floating rocks.

 And looking for treasure. I’ve been searching the internet for a kit set quilt to sew for the new baby, something I can make by hand. The little one is excited by the project: ‘can I help?’
When I say that the kit set is rather expensive: ‘I have a little bit of money saved in my box. I could give you some.’

 So sweet, but no. And then, another surprise. ‘Granny, look what I found on the beach!’ In her hand is a ten dollar note. ‘What shall I do with it?’
‘Let’s put it towards the baby quilt.’

 Oh yes! What a happy solution.

 We never know what we are going to find at the beach.

But one thing is certain. There will always be treasure.


  1. Musobeck

    What a delightful story to read of finding such treasures at the beach. What a lovely generous spirit your grand daughter has. The sun enticed both myself and husband to the beach where we discovered a walking track we had never seen before. How fun it was to explore a new part of an area that had been so familiar to us. Little discoveries each day are such blessings.

  2. Penny O'Neill

    Oh, what fun, Juliet, and such a find just when it was needed to help buy that kit. I’m sure you both had a lovely time and made many more memories.

  3. Juliet Batten

    * Musobeck, it was a delightful surprise. How lovely that you and your husband found a new walking track. May you discover many more surprises each day.

    * Penny, it was such a fun thing to happen, and I’m glad there was such a solution all at the ready. Sleepovers seem to be the best way to have special time together now.

    Thank you Musobeck and Penny, glad to see you.

  4. Marja

    A beautiful story and your grandchild is so sweet, giving the money for the quilt. I agree there are always treasures to be found on the beach

  5. Juliet Batten

    Marja, she has a very sweet nature. I’m sure you find plenty of treasure also in your journeys. Thank you.

  6. silkannthreades

    Some treasures come in a bank note but others are priceless. What a sweet time you have had.

  7. Juliet Batten

    Gallivanta, that’s so true. Treasure takes many forms, and a special little presence in my life is worth more than all the bank notes in the world. Thank you.

  8. Hotly Spiced

    When I read the title of this blog post I was thinking, ‘Pumice’? What a coincidence that we have both posted images of black swans on our most recent blog posts! How lovely your granddaughter is to think of using her ‘treasure’ to put towards the cost of making something for the new baby. She’s very selfless which is unusual for today’s children xx

  9. Juliet Batten

    Charlie, it must be the visiting season for swans! Yes, the little one is very sweet and giving, and as you say, that’s precious these days. Thank you.

  10. Vicki Lane

    What a lovely story! And to see black swans as well!

  11. Juliet Batten

    Vicki, life is full of surprises isn’t it? Thank you.

  12. Friko

    How delightful;
    granny and little one out finding treasure and making plans.

    I am sure you both enjoy yourselves tremendously.

  13. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – what a lovely evening and togetherness – she’s a delight and that ten dollars – excellent decision ..

    Oh and that swing by the beach – how glorious … and the rocks! Too much fun … I still laugh as I told my honorary god-daughter about the white poodles in the field (my brother and her aunt) have standard black poodles … she believed me!!! I felt I should just give her the truth .. she was somewhat surprised – but a good story for ever after …

    Cheers Hilary

  14. Juliet Batten

    Hilary, it certainly is fun with these little ones. White poodles! that’s so funny. Thank you for visiting.


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