A ritual for new year 2017

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As New Year’s day approaches, I feel inspired to send you a bonus. Here is my offering of a ritual which you might like to do at new year, either with your family, community, friends, or in the quietness of your own company. It may be done whether you are in the brightness of summer or the dark of winter, in the southern or northern hemisphere. As the new year begins, we are united in our intention to cross this threshold with awareness.

May 2017 bring you joy and fulfilment.


A Ritual for New Year 2017 


To prepare, in the day or days before your ritual, reflect on the passing year of 2016.

* What are you proud of?
* What has brought you joy and satisfaction?
* What achievements are you celebrating?
* Looking forward to 2017, what are your intentions for this coming year?


The Ritual

You can do this on New Year’s eve, or on a quiet evening close to new year.

Set up an altar with two candles, and symbols of new beginnings — anything that evokes freshness and hope.

1. First, share your celebrations, successes or achievements with those present. Then light the first candle as you offer thanks back to Source, the oneness from which all action arises. If you are doing this in your own good company, you might like to write down your celebrations on a piece of paper or card, which you offer back to Source as you light the candle. You may also offer symbols.

2. Now share your intentions for 2017. You may offer to the altar symbols for your intentions or you may write them down on a card as an offering. If you have witnesses, then share aloud what you intend.
Light the second candle, and ask for your intentions to be blessed.

3. Finally, sit in silent meditation, and visualise as vividly as possible your intentions coming to pass. You may wish to sing, or listen to uplifting music as you sit. When you feel complete, snuff out the candles, give thanks, and then enjoy some food or drink to make the transition back to everyday life.


I will be back with you when my holiday is complete. Meanwhile I am immersing myself in nature, in preparation for my Sacred Earth course which begins in February. I hope that you too can fall into the embrace of nature this summer, and find deep replenishment in your body, mind and soul. You might like to check out my ‘Wonder in Nature’ posts on my Facebook page, to see what others are saying, and to share your own moments as well.


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  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – we definitely need to take that quiet time and be ready for 2017 – and then actually achieve … I keep plodding on – but next year (just) I need to push on and achieve … take care and all the best for a peaceful and blessed 2017 … cheers Hilary

    • Juliet Batten

      Hi Hilary, yes it’s good to pause and reflect. Have a happy new year, and thank you.

  2. Nadezda

    Juliet, the only I’m waiting next year – is health, and the most pleasant days were in my garden, next to the nature.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and happy New Year to you too!

    • Juliet Batten

      Nadezda, I wish you good health and many pleasant days in your northern garden. Thank you.

  3. Denise Poyner

    Dear Juliet. I have today enjoyed performing this ritual. I put quite a lot of thought into the different aspects. I have had both a hard, and an enjoyable year. I wrote quite a lot about 2016 and set 8 intentions for 2017. Both years are about garden, music, better health and well being, continuing the process of my therapy I undertake, planning and taking adventures (2 already organised), enjoying good friends and making sure that I am living with positive minded people.

    I found the process let through a nice creativity of what to include in the altar setting. I had two candles (Hope and Peace), 3 new green leaves, 5 gemstones in varying colours, a newly formed head of flower buds on the verge of opening. I wrote 8 cards for my intentions and set them on the altar after I read them out loud to myself. I expanded on each one, allowing some form to take shape about that intention. I took photos – once the altar was set, and then including the lit candles. I felt alive in that process. I supported the meditation with Stephanie Dowrick’s CD “Heaven on Earth”.

    Thanks for sharing the ritual. I have enoyed it enormously. I wish everyone a safe and happy end to 2016, and a joyous and satisfying 2017. Ka kite. .

    • Juliet Batten

      Denise, this sounds so full and beautiful. I like the way you have adventures planned already (too important to leave to chance!). Your altar sounds uplifting, with its flower buds all ready to open, and your intentions for 2017 sound deeply contemplated and greatly blessed. I’m so glad you enjoyed this process, and thank you so much for sharing it with such generosity. Have a wonderful 2017!

  4. Dana Leigh Lyons

    Such a beautiful ritual and offering, Juliet. I especially love how it weaves together intentions…and celebrations. The latter often seems lacking in New Year’s practices. Thank you and wishes for a year of abundance, spaciousness and joy!

    • Juliet Batten

      Dana, thank you for this lovely feedback. Yes, we must remember to celebrate our achievements. I always get a surprise at what I’ve done.

  5. Penny

    Dear Juliet, it is already 2017, but, this post compels me to make the time this week for a New Year ritual. Thank you for sharing this, along with some positive actions.
    I wish for you a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year.

    • Juliet Batten

      Penny, it’s definitely not too late! I did one on new year’s eve, and then another with my friend last night. I hope you have a lovely time with it, and thank you for your good wishes.


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