Has summer made you tired?

Have you had ‘too much of a good thing’? Maybe you are all too ready to kick summer out the door?

But don’t be too hasty! Because there’s an important seasonal task to be completed. And a good time to do it is in this transition time, as summer stretches its warm tendrils into early March and prepares to mellow into autumn.

Did this happen for you?

I spoke to someone recently who had a fantastic summer, tramping in the mountains. She felt open and connected with the wild world through which she walked —sublime vistas, black robins hopping through the beech forest, and moonlight reflected in a still mountain lake.

Then she returned to work, shut down and became unwell. Her glorious summer felt remote and unreal.

And how about you? has it felt a struggle, returning to your daily routines? For a while you resist going into contraction, and then you succumb. You leave behind the delicious feeling of openness and easy rhythms, and carry on as before, resigned to thinking that this is just the way life works.

And you get grumpy, or tired.

But what’s this grumpiness and weariness about, really? 

It’s possible that you are paying a price for pushing down some fine experiences, packing them away because they don’t seem to belong in your life as it was before.

Because experiences of expansion and heart opening are meant to be assimilated.
They want to become part of you, to take you forward in new ways, to help you grow. They want to bring you to a place where you go into autumn from a whole new base line, because you’ve made this goodness part of you.



For example, you may have opened to a clarity of vision about some changes you could make in your life. Priorities may have become clear. Or maybe you’ve had more time for self care, and your body and soul loved it. Or you enjoyed being more sociable.

Repression consumes a lot of energy, and so does an attitude of resignation. When you are fighting your soul’s impulse to expand and integrate, you can end up feeling depleted.

The process of assimilation is an essential one to learn, but not everyone knows how to do this. Most people are better are packing things away than they are at holding, ripening, and integrating.

Would you like to pause and attend to this?

Here are two ways you might like to try:

1. Self reflection

1. Sit quietly and write in your journal about your new awareness and experiences that opened up over your summer. Identify, remember, and treasure them. Then offer up gratitude.

2. Make a commitment to nurturing the precious newness, gently and consistently, beginning with one new experience, and make a plan.

3. Implement the plan to grow this newness in your life.

2. Let me guide you through a deeper process of assimilation

I’d like you to feel held and supported. And so I have created the Summer Attunement as a home ritual and meditation, which you can do in your own time.

Through an audio recording and PDF, l guide you through a preparation process, setting up an altar, and then the ritual. I will help you discriminate between what was delightful but ephemeral, and what needs to be relished, ripened and assimilated so you can honour summer’s gift, and make it part of you.

Would you like that?

If so, you can check out the Summer Attunement on my website, under ‘Events’, or by clicking this link.

Blessings as summer turns its face towards autumn.


Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance
 . . . 

—Yoko Ono, Season of Glass

P.S. Of all the Attunements, the Summer Attunement is one that applies to the inner season as well as the outer.

The inner summer takes place whenever you open your heart to a time of expansion and new awareness. In each case, assimilation is the key, and the steps are the same.

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