Rebalancing at Equinox

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How do you rebalance and return to equilibrium after the shock of devastating events? You may be wondering, can I ever find peace again? Or trust? Or safety?


To restore balance at Equinox following the recent events in Christchurch, your inner world may need special attention. The process may take you through some of these stages:


Dealing with shock

Initially you may feel in shock, numb and unable to function. You may have strong reactions — fear, anger, thoughts of revenge and recrimination, outrage and so on.

It’s a good idea to reduce media watching if your nervous system has become over-activated. The essential facts will be there for days, even weeks, when you are ready and in a less raw state.

It is also time to prioritise self care. You will have your own ways, and here are three that I’m finding helpful right now:

Try Rescue Remedy (flower essence) for shock. It’s available at most pharmacies.
Lie down and slow your breathing.
Take refuge in nature.

Integrating what has happened

How can you ever include these events in your world view, which may have been shattered?

This will take time. At first the frightening aspects may balloon out, as if an airbag has been activated inside you, that takes up so much space that it diminishes your usual sense of self.

As you find some calm and safety, bring your focus back to what is good and stable in your life. Bring in positive symbols of strength, beauty — perhaps in the form of flowers — cook comforting food, and be with loved ones. Let these qualities flow into you like water, clearing the agitation and fear.

Having attended to yourself, you will now be ready to take in more facts, maybe to read some sound and thoughtful commentary that will help you to adjust your world view and to understand what you need to integrate into it.



Service and actions of support

Once you are grounded, you may wish to be of service. There are many ways to give.


For some it will be through actions such as making donations, offering food, or working for political change and raising awareness of key issues.


Some of you will be very good at giving emotional support to those who need it, through your presence, care, and your ability to listen.


For others, your way may be to restore balance on soul level by being part of creating an outbreak of love and care. You may find rituals helpful, such as creating memorials or shrines in nature. The images included here are from a ritual I did at the beach and another created with my family over the weekend. You may immerse yourself in prayer for all those who have been affected.


Ritual and prayer are not a substitute for other kinds of action.

However, ritual and prayer make clear action possible, from a strong and whole heart that is capable of clear seeing.



Nature knows how to heal

Remember that Nature knows how to rebalance after extreme events. When you’ve spent time in nature you may have observed how life returns to a severed branch, to the flattened ground in a forest where a tree has crashed, to a steep bank where a landslide occurred and even to a poisoned waterway.

Nature sets to work immediately, as micro-organisms, insects, small animals, plants, and seeds carried by birds or the wind begin their work of restoring and regrowing.

I send you blessings this Equinox, as light and dark, day and night fall into balance.



falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly

— John Bailey, ‘Autumn

For further reading go to Chapter 12 of my book A Cup of Sunlight, This chapter was written after two other devastating world events. You may be surprised at the wisdom that was expressed by spiritual communities at that time.

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  1. minnie biggs

    beautiful Juliet, and wise, and yet… can’t help but think of nature- while it heals.. at the same time there is the terrible beyond. belief natural tragedy in Mozambique, millions displaced hungry homeless…sad sad..

    Indeed humans have contributed to much of the damage, by land clearing- mudslides- but still, an act of dear beloved nature…which will heal….

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Minnie. I’ve been reading part of Renee Dubois on how nature healed after the Krakatoa eruption which wiped out all of life. The process was amazing.

  2. Charmaine Pountney

    Thanks, Juliet- a creative and healing response to our shared upheaval.

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you so much Charmaine.

  3. Christine Johannis

    Thank you Juliet for your lovely thoughts and words. Very lovely and calming. I’ve just been to Hagley Park to see the plethora of flowers, blessings and thoughts. Very heartwarming and much needed during this time. A moment was had where I met the eyes of a muslim woman. We smiled at each other. So much meaning in warmth, love and connection. Chris

    • Juliet Batten

      Chris, thank you for this response from Christchurch where you are so close to it all. What a touching moment, that meeting of the eyes of a Muslim woman. That connection across differences is so beautiful.

  4. Ann Mintram

    Thanks so much Juliet for sharing such wisdom. I have felt very churned up and so sad. Your Autumn Rituals have been a great help in getting back to equalibrium. I will now go to my copy of your book. Blessings, love and thanks, Ann

    • Juliet Batten

      Ann, it must be especially difficult for those of you who live in Christchurch. I’m glad the rituals have been helpful. Be good to yourself.

  5. Juliet Batten

    Hi everyone, and thanks for your comments. I forgot to say that details of the rituals, as well as some done by others, may be seen on my Facebook page julietbattenbooks

  6. marja

    Thank you so much this is really helpful It has been such unsettling and sad days With the earthquake i preferred to be busy and help but this time I need to re cope first but feel a bit guilty I think creating a memorial will be a real good idea

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you so much Marja. Do take good care of yourself, without any guilt; it really does need to come first. If you go to my Facebook page julietbattenbooks
      you’ll see some beautiful memorials and shrine that people have created.

  7. Hilary

    Hi Juliet – so difficult for everyone in New Zealand, and especially those in Christchurch – that city is really being stretched to the limits. We each have to adapt in our own way for dealing with disasters … but your wise words will help us all … with thoughts at this time – Hilary

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you HIlary, we are receiving so much loving support from overseas.

  8. Geraldine Klassen

    Thank you Juliet for your kind words of wisdom. I will be sharing this lovely page with my students. Many blessings to you during our spring time and your autumn in your part of the world.

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Geraldine, I’m so glad this has been helpful, and to know that you will be sharing it with your students from across the world. You can see some of the photos and accounts of the rituals that others have done as well as mine if you go to my Facebook page, which is public: julietbattenbooks

  9. Emma Farry

    Thanks Juliet. Your words brought a sense of grouding, peace and calm. You’re right that self-care is so important and that nature can show us the way to healing. e have much listening to do in our beautiful country now to bring us back to a state of balance after such a huge tragedy. Sending love, Emma x
    P.S here is something a wrote a few days after the attack…
    www the pain…
    Children murdered while praying.
    People in search of peace, blown apart.
    Our pride in what we believed our country to be, gone.
    We are sorry.
    We are heartsick.
    Let those guns destroy our ignorance, destroy the delusions that we are not part of this… that this is not our country.
    There is darkness and light everywhere, including inside each one of our hearts. We are in this together- each one of us with our role to play in making things better.
    Hatred eases our pain only temporarily but humility is a patient teacher and listening brings more understanding than talk.
    When we allow our pain we are given more access to our compassion.
    These are dark days but we are kind people in a beautiful country with tangata whenua guardians and a leader with a heart filled with love.
    We can do this.
    We can show the world how to respond to an age old problem.
    There are only two options, love and fear.
    I know Aotearoa and I know which one we choose.
    Kia kaha my beautiful country.
    I love you my Muslim brothers and sisters and I am so deeply sorry for your senseless loss. With God’s grace and our human kindness I pray your sacrifice will not be in vain.
    We will not forget.

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Emma for your heart-centred words.

  10. Cecily Sheehy

    Thanks you dear Juliet for this lovely page….response to the devastating events in Christchurch.
    I felt more peaceful simply reading what you have written.
    How united we all are at this very very sad time.
    May this sense of connection and ONENESS continue for all of us for as long as we all have on this beautiful, but troubled planet.
    Much love

    • Juliet Batten

      Cecily, thank you so much for your response, and for your beautiful prayer at the end of it. I’m so glad that my newsletter brought you some peace.

  11. Paul

    I wrote out all the people’s names, those who passed away, and found out who they were, what they did or planned to do, where they hailed from – to remember them and their individual contributions to our country and communities. What a terrible loss! I will remember them and be even more determined to promote understanding, care, kindness and mutual respect and tolerance in my life and work.

    • Juliet Batten

      Paul, I find this so moving. You have personalised every one of the 50. What a sacred piece of work; thank you so much.


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