Inside the buttercup pumpkin, once the lid has been removed, a golden flower awaits discovery.

 Cutting out the lid is the first step in carving the pumpkin for Halloween. Here in New Zealand Halloween falls on April 30. Each year I hold Ponsonby Halloween on the street. It’s happening tonight on Ponsonby Rd, from 7 pm till 8.30 pm. Families will be dropping by, and anyone who wishes to remember their loved ones who have died. (I’m doing it a day early this year)

 I carved a second pumpkin, a butternut – much easier as it has quite a thin skin.

The grey crown pumpkins are harder, so I’m going to leave the big one (that I grew out at the bach), and just take the others. It’s time to pack my car with broom (for sweeping the pavement), mats, poster boards, candles, and the concertina that I’ll play while people arrive to light their candles and lanterns. There’s no telling how many will turn up.
The sun is peeking out right now, but it’s a day of showers and wind also. I’ll let you know how it goes.