Products and Services

I offer a range of products and services for individuals and organisations:


Keynote speaking and inspiring talks

Are you an organisation looking for a speaker who will put a sparkle into the eyes of your members, open them to fresh perspectives, and send them away connected with their passion?

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Books for all seasons

Are you looking for books to help you connect more deeply with the passing seasons, spirituality, creativity, or stages of life? Do you enjoy being guided into processes for your own growth and development?

Are you a reader who tucks bookmarks between well-loved pages, and returns to explore exercises, suggestions or contemplations again and again with the passing of time?

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Creativity mentoring and coaching

Are you struggling with a creative block? Do you have a creative dream that you would love to make a reality? Maybe you are trying to complete your PhD, Masters thesis, or other project? Do you feel frustrated that you haven’t realised your full creative potential? You don’t have to struggle alone.

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Guidance through mid-life, ageing, and spiritual emergence

Do you need help with navigating a significant transition in your life? It’s easy to become disoriented when going through a developmental change or a growth process. Without maps and guidance you may find yourself floundering. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Seasons attunements and workshops

Would you like to be taken through a process in the sanctuary of your own home, to connect more deeply with the seasons and discover their gifts? The Seasonal Attunements are a powerful and inspiring way to feed your soul and align your energies with the seasonal flow.

From time to time I also offer workshops on seasonal themes and ritual-making.

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