Touching Snow: A Taranaki Memoir


Ishtar Books, 2008.

A memoir of childhood that evokes how the author developed a spiritual connection with the land during her early years growing up in Taranaki, New Zealand. A Maori teacher played an important role, as did a river and a mountain. The story tells of the child’s struggle to overcome bullying at school and home, and to reach the seemingly unattainable snow-capped mountain peak. It’s a story that will inspire many, and also create a vivid sense of a passing era.



The tale of a child’s spiritual connection with the land and her longing to reach a seemingly unattainable mountain. Set in Taranaki in the 1940s and 50s, the story vividly evokes rural New Zealand, the era of the Tangiwhai Disaster, Hillary’s ascent of Everest, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the entry of the first Maori teachers into mainstream schools. This new book from the author of ‘Celebrating the Southern Seasons’, ‘Growing into Wisdom’ and the prize-winning ‘A Cup of Sunlight’ will touch the hearts of many.


What readers are saying about Touching Snow

 ‘Juliet’s memoir has all the sensual and visual immediacy of a movie. We become totally absorbed in her intimate, interweaving “landscapes” of time, place and family life. This is a beautifully written book of genuine tenderness and insight.’

— Stephanie Dowrick


‘A poetic story of childhood, uplifting and captivating.’

— John Kingston, psychotherapist


‘With her beautifully intimate style, Juliet was able to take me there to the life, the landscape and the every-present mountain.’

— Bob Ross, retired publisher


 ‘I stayed up till 1 am to finish your book! I loved it; it’s very evocative, and reminded me of similar moments in my childhood. You remember small things in exquisite detail. . . . such a moving story.’

— Tanya C

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