The Pomegranate Journal: the art of getting older, one day at a time


Juliet Batten, author of Growing into Wisdom and Spirited Ageing takes you into the intimacy of her own experience of ageing from seventy-five to seventy-seven. Along with the challenges, she shares the gifts and surprises of growing older, all beautifully held by the unfolding metaphor of the pomegranate.

A book for anyone curious about what lies ahead and seeking to be companioned along the way.


How do you live in an older body while remaining open to the fullness of life?

The old resources and strategies forged in my youth, like going to the gym, seeking distractions, or believing in invincibility no longer work. Fortunately, the pomegranate is giving me new seeds of wisdom. One of these seeds is sustaining me right now.’


What readers are saying about The Pomegranate Journal

‘This is a beautiful book, combining the page-turning quality of a good novel with the insights and wisdom of a writer, teacher, and seeker after truth.’

— Elspeth Sandys, novelist and playwright


‘Very compelling, with wonderfully evocative metaphors and word pictures. I couldn’t put it down!’

— Peta Joyce, mentor and supervisor


‘A gentle and bravely honest record of one woman’s experience of “getting old”. With an artist’s eye and a psychotherapist’s insight, Juliet Batten creates a work that is part-journal, part-guide book and part-poem as she seeks out the solace of nature.’

— Fiona Farrell, author


‘It’s such a lovely book: intensely personal and intimate, yet providing so much space for the reader to engage with, sparking memories and nods of acknowledgement regarding similar experiences, exquisite poetic writing about a kaleidoscope of feelings and insights (maybe your best yet!), sage wisdom (never over-laboured), clear-eyed, honest, a hopeful, beautiful balancing of agency and acceptance of aging. It’s a treasure and absolute pleasure to read!’

— Dr Kathryn Rountree


‘The writing is beautiful, wise, and real. It’s a subtle guide book, the message is there in all the seeds of your growth through this time. . . . readable and engaging.’

— Sue Matthew


‘A warm, worthwhile and elegant account of your ageing experience’

— Tim Heath

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