The Persimmon Journal: the art of getting older through lockdown, loss, and release


Juliet Batten, author of Growing into Wisdom and Spirited Ageing takes you into her experience of growing older through lockdown and letting go from age seventy-seven to nearly seventy-nine, an experience supported by the bright taste of the persimmon, whose meaning is gradually revealed. The Persimmon Journal is the second in the Seasons of Life trilogy and follows The Pomegranate Journal.

A book for anyone seeking companionship and inspiration when facing the inevitable losses of ageing.


How do you deal with the inevitable losses of ageing while remaining open to new life?

‘With each wave of grief released, I feel lighter, and even younger. I will step more lightly into old age because of this.’

The Persimmon Journal will resource you to move through resistance to release, through clinging to clarity, and through grieving to harvesting.

‘I did an impossible thing: I sold the bach.’


What readers are saying about The Persimmon Journal

‘The Persimmon Journal felt like a warm companion, personal and real, inviting me to look at everyday things, nature, and ageing with new eyes. Juliet writes with vulnerability and courage. I didn’t want it to end!’

— Hilary Star, Leadership trainer


‘A warm and uplifting book about loss, grief, and the many gifts that await the curious mind and heart. Juliet writes with both tenderness and toughness, giving the reader a taste of a nourishing journey into older age, as rich and sweet as the persimmon fruit itself.’

— Jane Duncan Rogers, Founder, Before I Go Solutions


The Persimmon Journal flows along so fluently that I was carried to the heart of the author’s experience.  I love the way it works on two levels: the juxtaposition of profound insight with domestic detail: the intensity of the experience of growing old with allegorical stories.’

— Peta Joyce, mentor and supervisor


‘Immediate and warmly real, with a well-shaped, natural story arc.’

— Sue Matthew

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