Sun, Moon and Stars: seasonal celebrations for children and families, tamariki and whānau


Ishtar Books, 2020

A guide to creating seasonal rituals for your young ones and growing earth connection in their lives.

The book that parents, grandparents and educators have been waiting for!

  • Stories to inspire
  • Practical steps to show you how
  • Conversations to delight


Would you like to help the children in your life to grow up with a deep connection to nature and the rhythms of life?

Sun, Moon, and Stars will show you how.

Juliet Batten guided her family and others for over two years through celebrating eight markers in the seasonal cycle. Her account, together with those of her contributors, results in a book that is inspiring and practical. By following the simple steps she outlines, you too can enjoy creating rituals to enhance the lives of your family and the young ones you care for.

You may choose the approach that fits your situation from the three possibilities outlined below:

  1. Simple activities for beginners, especially families with preschoolers.
  2. Deeper-level, earth-based rituals that bring in magic, wonder, and a sense of the sacred — for those who have become more adept at seasonal celebrations, and for school-aged children as well.
  3. Community seasonal celebrations, for those who wish to reach out and include others.


What readers are saying about Sun, Moon, and Stars 

‘This book is delicious, generous, and fizzing with life. It presents a clear and inviting way of helping children and adults to connect with the earth, the cycle of the changing seasons and one another.’

— Sue Matthew, coach


‘A pleasure to read and easy to follow. As I read the book, I could imagine it being enjoyed in many early childhood centres and particularly by Playcentre families and educators.’

— Susan Bailey


‘A delicious and delightful book, often enlivening my senses (especially taste!). I loved that this is based on actual practice, making it very intimate, personal and imaginative.’

— Peta Joyce, MIndbody practitioner and mentor


‘A beautifully written, practical book for children and families, whānau and communities, which will inspire a sense of wonder, joy and sacred connection to nature, to one another, and to our deepest selves.’

— Dr Kathryn Rountree, celebrant, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology and Ritual and Belief


Sun, Moon, and Stars is told with a magical rhythm and rhyme, enveloping the rich warmth of rangimārie me te aroha (peace and love). Juliet captures the beautiful synchronicity between cultures in the minds of our tamariki.’

— Jill Williams, celebrant and educator


‘Juliet’s writing sings through the seasons, gently urging us to join her in celebrating the Southern Hemisphere festivals that have lain dormant in so many of us for too long. The information for each season is laid out simply, and the accompanying stories from parents and children are a delight. I sincerely hope this book will become a treasured resource in many schools, early childhood centres and families.

— Sharon Holt, author of Te Reo Singalong books


‘Through your story-telling, worlds connected and unfolded before my very eyes. What a privilege to share in the knowledge and these stories. Thank you for blelssing the world with this collection’

— Challen Wilson, Director, The Sisters Consultancy



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