Spirited Ageing: cultivating the art of renewal


Ishtar Books, 2013.

Do you see ageing as a curse or as a gift? Preparation for ageing is as important as preparing for childbirth, yet most people enter into it without a clear intention. Discover how to prepare for conscious ageing and a whole new stage of growth. Learn about the ‘Star’ model of spirited ageing and how to shift to an energy source that is fuelled by passion, creativity, optimism and love. Spirited Ageing will give you practical support, inspiration, challenge and comfort.



Are you looking for ways to support your own ageing, that of your elderly parents, other relatives and friends?

Perhaps you realise that your body is changing. Maybe health problems are starting to show up, or your energy is not what it was. When you think about physical decline, you feel depressed.

 You’ve tried pushing the problem away and putting on a brave face. You may have sought medical or health care solutions, taken up exercise of different kinds or even found ways to make your appearance look more youthful. But the ageing process can’t be stopped, and at times you feel helpless.

The reason these solutions don’t work is that the problem cannot be solved on the same level on which it arose. The more you focus on your body the worse you feel, because in fact you are focussing on the very thing that brings you down.

What is needed is a shift of levels to open up creative possibilities and new ways of thinking. You are much more than your body. You are emotions of many colours, intelligence, wisdom, rich life experience and a voyaging soul. Spirited Ageing will show you how to embrace all that you are and so approach your elder years feeling resourced and hopeful.

What readers are saying about Spirited Ageing

‘What a hopeful and inspiring book this is. It offers practical guidance for an increasingly rich and satisfying life as we age. Juliet is wise about what matters most.’
—Dr. Stephanie Dowrick, author of Seeking the Sacred and Everyday Kindness


‘Such a treasure trove of a book! Even though I’m only at mid-life I found it both useful and inspiring, for myself personally and also for my work with older clients. I feel like I’ve been given a glimpse of the road ahead, as well as a map for navigating some of the twists and turns, both in terms of very practical issues raised and pragmatic advice given, and also through you providing such an uplifting perspective with which to engage with ageing. I hope you get a really wide audience for this book – I think it merits wide readership!’

—Julie O’Brien, psychotherapist


‘I am so touched. It is just wonderful, providing me with many really useful insights about how to prepare for my own death.’
—Jane  Duncan Rogers, business coach


‘I’m impressed and helped by the wonderful way you give us a checklist of actions to take at each stage, and exercises for the reader to write down our own feelings/plans etc. It makes all the difference.’
—Bevin Fitzsimons, professional trainer and coach


‘An interesting and provocative read, with so many gems in it that are simple yet memorable.’—Emily Morrow, BA, JD (Juris Doctor)

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