Dancing with the Seasons: inspiration and resilience through times of change


Ishtar Books, 2010.

A rich collection of practical ideas, insights, myths, rituals and other resources for anyone seeking contentment and strength in times of change, and inspiration for living with nature as a great and constant teacher. This book is a sequel to the well-known and popular title, Celebrating the Southern Seasons.



Do you sometimes feel defeated by unexpected setbacks? Or perhaps you find it hard to cope with constant change? You feel yourself becoming somewhat rigid and defensive when life delivers too much to cope with.

You may even start developing a siege mentality, shutting down and becoming resentful. ‘Life isn’t meant to be like this!’ you tell yourself. None of this really helps, because it’s based on reaction and fear. Shutting down contracts you and causes more pain.

The fact is that life is like this. Life delivers constant change, some of it out of left field.

Imagine if you could meet every twist and turn of fortune with flexibility, easing into the flow of each challenge, and remaining fully present. What if you could embrace change, not as an affront to your existence, but as a natural and positive part of life?

This is the quality of resilience.

How do you learn resilience? Fortunately we have a great teacher in Nature. As the ever-changing seasons unfold, Nature is alive with the beat of organic change. In Dancing with the Seasons, I guide you into a close connection with the seasonal rhythms so that you can experience what it’s like to join in the flow.

I tell stories, dip into the wisdom of many cultures, explore the physical, psychological and spiritual tasks for each season, and show you how to relinquish the old and welcome in the new. In this way you can develop resilience and learn to participate in the richness of life from an expanded perspective.


What readers are saying about Dancing with the Seasons

‘A beautifully written, absorbing and insightful book to accompany you through every season.’

Nicola Campbell, director, Spirited Leadership


‘I loved the seasonal stories from different cultures.’

— Carol Archie, ONZM, writer and director


‘I recently bought Dancing with the Seasons. Yesterday I worked with a woman who described herself as being completely blocked and unable to be creative herself – or encourage others to create.  I took her through your “wellspring” ritual for a parched heart.  It was transformational and inspirational! I wish you could have been there, I felt blessed to be the witness. Thank you for your work, it touches many.’



‘Your words spoke directly to my heart – because I feel precisely at that point now, in my life. It was profoundly appropriate – and I felt moved almost to tears.’

‘It was so comforting to be acknowledged and nurtured spiritually even though the subject matter is ostensibly “The Seasons” in tangible nature,  really it’s one’s experience of life and one’s inner life at the spiritual and psychological level which is  the “felt” or comprehended subject matter.’



‘Your lovely book came winging its way to the south coast of Wellington. Thank you , it is a delight to dip in and read!’

— Tricia


‘I am enjoying Dancing with the Seasons … reading it on a seasonal basis which makes for an unfolding treat’



‘I find every part of your book meaningful and I enjoy reading it slowly, taking in each paragraph and reflecting upon it. It is a real gift to all of us who love the natural world and  Mother  Earth and want to work with her harmoniously.’

— Caeia

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