A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life


Random House, 2005.

Find guidance and practical help for discovering a sense of the sacred in the midst of daily life. ‘A Cup of Sunlight’ will open you up to creative renewal, better relationships, improved health, spiritual growth and a deeper sense of meaning. The author relates her personal quest for the sacred, as well as bringing in examples from many other people. She covers subjects as diverse as how to create sanctuary, connection with others, and ways to restore hope when catastrophe strikes.

A Cup of Sunlight won the Ashton Wylie award for the body-mind-spirit genre in 2005.



Do you find that your life has become mundane, over-stressed and lacking in meaning or vitality? You seek to become more connected and joyful, and yet joy eludes you. You may have tried meditation, but all that happens is that your mind goes round and round without cease. 

Or perhaps you are already on a spiritual path, which is bringing much meaning into your life. But you are having trouble integrating peak experiences into daily existence. It can even feel painful returning from sublime experiences to the grind of the mundane. Yet you know that you can’t live in a cave or a monastery.

Whichever situation you are in, A Cup of Sunlight has been written for you. It offers three simple daily practices that are designed to bring the sacred into everyday life. Through stories, contemplations and sharing of personal experience, the author will guide you into a natural sense of connection and integration.

A Cup of Sunlight may be used as a practical workbook or enjoyed as an inspiring read. It is a must for anyone seeking integration, balance and a deeper sense of purpose in a busy life. It will also provide you with ideas for sharing the values of connectedness, spirituality, caring, creativity, and full enjoyment of life with children.


What readers are saying about A Cup of Sunlight

‘Your book is reminding me of so many daily practices and rituals, as well as self-nurturing ways of being that I need to always keep in my consciousness.’ 

— Kathryn R


‘Your writings inspired me to think differently about the events that caused me pain. . . . I felt uplifted as I read.  I connected to a way of thinking about things and events in my life that meant I could feel joy and gratefulness about them, rather than sorrow or anger, and your book showed me a way to do that.’ 

— Sue  H

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