The tide is lapping against the beach walls when I walk down there to make something in the sand. In my mind I relive the horrific scenes from the Christchurch earthquake. The sound of the water is soothing. So many lives have been lost, and the people of Christchurch have been shaken beyond their endurance.
On the other end of the beach I find a small strip of sand, and there I shape a mound. It expresses the nurturing, protecting and stabilising aspect of the Earth Mother, to counterbalance the fierce destructive aspect that she has just demonstrated so fully.

With this mound comes a prayer.
May all those who have been shaken find stability.
May the earth remain firm so the rescue workers can save people who are trapped.
May we all find stability and healing after times of shock and trauma.
May our loving prayers reach all those in need, and wrap around them.
May the healing power of nature restore balance.